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vines and faces growing

so two of my friends from childbirth , another acquaintance and i all decide we are gonna eat some shrooms together.

so two of my friends from childbirth , another acquaintance and i all decide we are gonna eat some shrooms together. i have never done them , but my one friend "S" is quite experienced. so while we are waitin on S and the acquaintance to show up, me and my other buddy eat about 3 grams of some cubensis while playin some old school mario bros 3. after about 15 mins. the music on the game became the funniest damn thing i have ever heard. so we go outside to smoke a cig and wait for our other friends to show. i am talkin on the phone laughin my ass off when i look over at J and his face like moved around.. sorta like one of the demons on "THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE". of course this sorta freaked me out but i thought it was sorta funny. after bout an hour i am trippin pretty good. it was all overwhelming to me. i have a DOORS poster where jim morrison is huge and lookin over a war scene of napalm burning some palm trees. these trees were dancing to some sort of happy little rhythm. my ceiling started to breathe , which was not too cool considering i was on the phone with my girlfriend , who is VERY against shrooms. i decided to go to the bathroom so i wouldnt get distracted again. shit was i wrong. in the bathroom we have these gold painted leaves on the walls. . . which started to breathe and move all up and down the walls. by this time i am just about ready to tell my girl to just get the fuck off the phone and leave me alone. i just couldnt take it anymore. but then my other friends finally showed up and i had a good excuse. when they came up close i saw the familiar similarities of their faces , but they were all breathing and stretching and features were moving. suchas eyebrows were crawling down my friends nose. hair was raising up and sorta movin around. we decided to leave my house, especially cuz my mom was there asleep. so we hop in S's old ass volvo and cruise off down these sorta country roads listening to the guess who's "NO SUGAR TONITE" . but like the car was all floatin and woblin down the road. a stream of colors flowed around the trees as we passed them. my cig had little sparks jumpin out of it , and it was all bendin around in circles and shit. i was just havin a blast though. we get to some girl's house and S and the acquaintance eat theirs. we start smokin a bong and listenin to some phish. the walls are movin around to a rhythm and the carpet was breathing. a lamp sorta melted and then like grew back the way it was. as i looked in a mirror i saw my face grow really wide and look about 30 years older. little bubbles of almost water under my skin flowed down my face , makin it look like it was melting. my pupils , which took up my whole fuckin eye , were all bendin and reflecting things. in the cherry of the cig there were like these stone lookin flower like things growin out and bending around. when we went outside, it was raining but somehow i mananged to miss almost every single raindrop. it was like it war clear around a little circle where i was standing. chairs would move to block my pathway, a flower in a pot began to grow and overtake the pot, then it grew into a vine and started to grow all over the ground... very JUMANJIish. cars bent in and melted and warped around. this one grew a big ass mouth with no teeth where the grill is supposed to be. so we went inside and smoked some keef. everybody's faces were still breathing and growing. things in the room , like chairs , were like blowin in the wind , but there was no fuckin wind. people on tv got fuckin huge and overtook the tv. about 4 hours later , and after some intense conversation about how words and time were meaningless , we went back to my house and watched some tool videos with the claymation. which was no different , cuz everything that whole night was in claymation to me. best start to a christmas eve i have ever had... seeing as how we came up about midnight and cruised till bout 530 or 6. it was a fuckin blast. oh yeah , the coolest thing was lookin at water or liquid , cuz it was like lookin through a peep hole in a door.

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