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Vast Universe

I recently had the oppurtunity to percieve the great power and sacred nature of the universe.

I recently had the oppurtunity to percieve the great power and sacred nature of the universe. Me and a friend of mine recently decided to trip on the mushroom called Potent Psilocybe. We had acquired them about a two months before and had taken some of them in the past but this most recent experience was by far the most intense. Before we started anthing, we decided to go by MCdonalds and get a cheeseburger for each of us, not too much to eat, something that would just curb the nausea a little bit. We arrived back at my friends house and started munching on the dried specimens. I decided to take about five grams worth of shrooms and my friend took about half of that. We took small spoonfulls of peanut butter and stuck the shrooms to the sticky paste and conssumed the fungi. The peanut butter completely covered the taste. We washed the mixture down with some glasses of water. I was not about to pollute the chemicals with any juices or anything. In about fifteen minutes we were both feeling the effects. I was feeling like was jumping out of my skin. I was very surprized at the potentcy of the shrooms. They had been preserved wonderfully. My stomach ached a little but it wasn't as bad as I had experienced before. My hands were shaking from the initial take-off of the trip and I suggested playing some video games to my freind. So for about twenty minutes we played the playstation game Bloody Roar II Which is an extremely entertaining fighting game featuring characters that can change into savage beasts. The colors of the game were more vivid than I had ever noticed before. Although I was very adept to the game, it was like I had never played before. My hands were fumbling with the controller and the cold sweat coming from my fingers felt strange. I was quite nervous but a little bud completely remedied that problem. After our fill of the video game we decided to watch a DVD we had rented. I had been waiting a long time to see Fantasia 2000 and so that's what we got . My friend has an incredible system with surround sound and all that cool stuff. Being a classical music buff and an artist to boot this was the perfect trip toy. I was so excited to learn that I was going to watch this incredible movie while tripping! When the movie started I just sank in to the couch I felt as though I had melted together, like the slope of a mountain and my mouth was hanging wide open. We had the sound up pretty loud and the large screened tv completely engulfed my brain. The images that were displayed in the movie were of the greatest quality and imagination. My mind was racing as the images danced on the screen. I would look away from the television and would see trasparent viens radiating from my center of vision. All of the corners of the walls and the edges of the doors were warping and blending together. I could feel an aura around the back of my shoulders extending above my head. And my spirit felt as if were out of place from my body. During the entire movie I had this uncanny sense that I had seen these images before. I know that I had never seen this movie before but yet it was as if I had seen it a million times. It was then that I realized that time was no concept to me. I realized that all time was before me, like as peice of string, and I could see the future and past at the same time. I being an artist posses a very intellegent eye. And still I was witnessing colors that could not even phathom before. As the movie progressed through its several stages, I experienced infinite stages of sumpreme ecstacy. Each more intense then the next. It is now impossible for me to explain this now, but I was able to grasp the great mysteries of the universe and see the infinite potential of the immortal soul. I know it sounds corny and all but I had never felt such immense energy and knowledge. Wherever I looked, my eyes were seeing infinite proportions and perspective. The movie ended and I relized that my friend was not in the room with me. I suddenly became worried and searched the house. I found him in his room with the bong. I learned that he had tried to comsume alcohol and had thrown it all up. (A lesson to those who try to drink while tripping!!) I figured that we should leave the house. The cubic nature of the room has oppressing and was starting to crush my mind. My friend wa already suffering from the same thing. We quickly got ready and ran down to the car. I was weary about my friend driving but he had only consumed one drink and since I know him very well, I trusted his judgement that he could drive. We drove out of the develpoment that he lived in and it was then that I noticed that I could see everything in all it's glory and pristine prefection. My friend was not really paying attention and he turned onto a busy road. Before too long he was shouting "OK..we gotta get off this road we gotta go somewhere." I knew the severity of the situation and I immediatly guided him off the road and into a small nieghborhood. The experience with sunday traffic had greatly frightened my friend and as a result he was going too fast. I told him to really slow down..to a crawl. He almost came to a stop and he immediately calmed down. We creeped through the nieghborhood for a couple minutes and stumbled upon a park. The day was slightly cloudy and there were not many people out, although it was very comfortable outside. We parked near the park and came upon a lake. We stood by the lake and I could see infinite mathematical equations and fractals just in the ripples of the water and the ducks swimming and flying about looked perfect in every way. Just like they had come right out of the workshop of the Creator. We traverrsed down a small trail into a gully of extremly tall trees and emerald green carpets of vegetation. I looked ahaed and I could see infinite colors, all in the shade of green. Everything had meaning. The vines climing up another tree in a perfect spiral. The shape of the leaves created patterns that made my mind boggle. I had never seen such beauty. I felt as if I were in a giant temple. The leaves were the vaulting cieling and the trunks were the columns holding up the entire strucure. I could see the entire universe in just one leaf. My eyes wandered about and I would often find myself staring up at the trees, reaching for the sky. I was starting to come down but my feelers were still out. I could still sense the greater sensations of the trip. We walked back to the lake and sat on the dock. The night had come and the clouds were rippling across the sky. It looked as if the sky was a desert with rippling sandunes. The clouds reflected the pink glow of the city and you sould see the black sky peeking through small cracks in the canopy of clouds. The entire shape of the atmosphere was apparent. I could see the entire sphere that the sheet of clouds created. The moon would shine through the pink clouds and create a pearlescent shimmer to the sky. We sat there for an hour quiet, comtemplating the world and all its wonderful beauty. I never thought that I would have found such profound meaning and grace in just the short amount of time that seemed like eternity.

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