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Valentines Day Trip!!

I was chillen with my best friend George i had just sold a couple 8ths and a quarter to a couple friends and some bud also.

I was chillen with my best friend George i had just sold a couple 8ths and a quarter to a couple friends and some bud also....we leave my friends house who I sold the stuff to and went to smoke a few bowls of Kush in from of mcdonalds where we went to get some food to eat my shrooms w/.....there was probably about just under an 8th left from what i had sold so i figured that plus the kush should do me over fairly well. we start driving out to pick a couple friends up to go out for dinner (my friend didnt eat any shrooms). were about 10 mins away from where we had to pick up our dates and I was pretty stoned then all of a sudden i wasn't and i was sitten there for about 2 min wondering what had happened considering we just smoked 25 min before then i realized the shrooms started taking effect only 20 min after i took them. at this point i realized i was in for a rather good trip. so we pull off the freeway and i just remember looking at the cars in the lanes next to us and it seemed as though everyone was staring at me like they knew....they knew exactly what i was doing, then again i thought to myself and realized how foolish that was... we exit the freeway to pick up our dates we end up getting lost a few times because every street seems to look identical and i cant distinuish the difference between the streets and street names it all looked identical. we eventually find our way and pick up our dates and head to dinner at roadhouse grill. we get in and all the peoples voices start to blend together and i cant make out what is being said the or difference between them or couldn't tell whose talking, the noises just echoed through the restaurant. we get seated and i just find myself fascinated at by the table i cant draw away from it because its like flowing back and forth and there was these little tiny sparkl things in the table that kept flying at my left and right it kinda reminded me like star wars when they fly by stars and they just go flying by you.......then all of a sudden its quiet and everyone starts moving talking in slo- mo but it seemed as if i was inreal time still. then my friends date looks over at me i've always thought she looked like a rat or mouse and when i looked over at her her face morphed into a rat face and i just started laughing so hard and then everyone just started staring at me in awe trying to figure out why i was laughing so hard which wasnt good cuz i ddint want to explain why i was laughing. we finish our meal and leave and my friend asks me to drive and usually i can drive pretty good when shrooming out but this day was diferent i get in start the car put in in drive and go not knowing we had parked in front of a curb....i hit the curband just ran right over it and went right through the bushes. my friend and everyone in the car including me freaked out i stopped the car a told him he needed to drive. It was the midwinter formal dance that night so there was a party one of my good friends was throwing so we went to attend the party all tripped out and everything. we get there and everyone starts showing up we go and get like 200 dollars worth of alchohal and just started pounding...we started playing the drinking game and when it was time to waterfall a beer which happened a few times i would spill it all over me because i was so tripped out i would mis-judge where my mouth was.....idiot i know haha we drank for a bout 5 hrs till i felt it was time to go home at about 6:00 in the morning i go home and attempt to crash out w/ no avail....i didnt end up sleeping for 2 days cuz i was to tripped out i would just lay there and try to sleep but i couldnt i would just sleep. i havent done shrooms since but i cant wait to shroom out again it was a fun night i'm still sellin so whenever i'm in the mood mabey tonight......hahah

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