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Close my eyes and everythings clay

Well me and my friend got some shrooms and we got an 1/8 each.

Well me and my friend got some shrooms and we got an 1/8 each. i wighed it and it was actually about 4 grams each. so my friend got really sick and threw up. i got really sick too but i suffered through it and then we decided to take a walk.

my friend had the shrooms for a whole hour until she puked. and we were both feeling weird. she was feeling really good. i was thinking in positive thoughts and sometimes it would feel like i was bobbing my head but it was staying still. it felt like something was trying to start happening, but it just never happend. i knew the shrooms didnt work for me really and i wasnt happy about it. it didnt really work for my friend because she puked.

we decided to go back to the car and smoke a fat joint. so once we are into the joint i notice that i saw pictures when i closed my eyes. the more i closed my eyes and looked, the more vivid the pictures got. pretty soon, whenever i would close my eyes, the last image i saw would be in my head and start morphing.

it was changing shapes clolors and speed. it looked like clay morphing into other things. it was like i was watching some mind blowing high quality computer animation that 100% made me feel like i was there. at the same time i was thinking really deep thoughts and realizing a lot of things. a few times i felt like i was one person with someone else. another thing that happend was that my skin was checkered with horse shoes in the checkers. it was also morphing a lot.

most of the hallusionations i saw while closing my eyes had to do with mushroom pictures. i saw a tree with mushrooms for the branches. i saw a pathway through the forest of giant colorful moving muchshrroms. i saw shapes turning and twisting. i saw my friend, and then took that image and turned it side ways and split it into layers, all in my head. i also saw very matrix type movement in my head about the things that were actually going on. i would see it a different way in my head.

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