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UVa Campus Tour


The first week of school my sophomore yr at school, i somehow decided to join my housemates and shroom with them. It was pretty late- probably around 8pm by the time we ate them. It was only my second time, and i ate a full eighth, more than the first time. We kidded around at our house for a little while, then decided to go out and watch other people and walk around.
WE first came across this construction site, and it just looked like a bomb had hit. those little yellow machines looked hilarious- we all wanted to go climb in but resisted. Somehow, we ended up at the frats. There were two side by side, each having a party. We just stood back for like 15 minutes looking at each one- deciding which one was less evil of a place to visit. I saw all sorts of wierd energy fields coming from each one, and we left disgusted by what we saw. Soon we decided to go back to the Lawn. The Lawn is this beautiful part of campus- a huge terraces grassy field surrounded by a U-shaped arrangement of buildings and dorms.
I kept feeling like these old ghosts were whizzing by us in the walkways. That place has a lot of history, and it was freaking me out. Looking further down the walkway- i noticed some of the bricks and windows just looked fucked up, Cartoon like-for real. It was not funny- but as i got closer i noticed it was just a mural to cover up the construction behind it.
As we were leaving the lawn, we saw inside this building Old Cabell Hall- they had painted the entire wall inside. It was so rich and full of colors- just a bunch of people doing things- singing, instruments, walking, dancing, jumping, reading, and various activities. No painting ever looked so real in my life! this girl kept on jumping up and cheering for some team. And this lady on the steps was preaching to this kid who didnt want to hear any of it. I give the artist all kinds of props. that was an amazing stop.
so coming home- we see the rest of our housemates and i am so confused- i cant speak, i am just moving my lips by this point and only mumbling is coming out. ive never had so much trouble communicating before. I was scared. So i took a shower(they feel incredible if your tripping!) and went striaght to bed. i couldnt sleep at all, so i just stared out the window at the shadows and shaky branches and just closed my eyes watching the colors spin around and make patterns.
Some of it was fun, but some i just would have rather not put up with. it was a seriouus brain strain.

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