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On May 6, 1999, my best friend and i both took an 1/8 of Oregon gold caps.

On May 6, 1999, my best friend and i both took an 1/8 of Oregon gold caps. We were surprised about their peanutty-asshole taste, but we could care less knowing we were about to enter a new dimension. I took mine first because he was sketching a little on how much to take. About 15 minutes after i ate them they hit me like a ton of bricks. I was sitting in the passenger side of my friends car and the road began to start moving in a waving motion like how bridges do when an earthquake hits. I didn't believe it at first so I closed my eyes and reopened them. But it just started getting worse. Everything in site began expanding and contracting.

We stopped at my friends house who was having a party. Once i walked in the door, my vision became heavily impaired. It was like i had rainbow sunglasses on. Everywhere i looked i would see a continuous moving spectrum of colors. I told my buddy i just couldn't handle being around all these people because my head was about to explode. So we went back to his house because nobody was home. When i walked in his front yard i was ivited by a huge garden. All the flowers started spinning rapidly. The pedals turned into pinwheels of bright colors and captured my sight for a good fifteen minutes. We then when into his room where he ate his batch. About an hour after that we were both trippin hard!! We stared at each other for a good 20 minutes, just watching our faces melt. We decided to turn on the television to see how that looked. It was pretty amasing. We clicked to a documentary of Ozzy Osbourne on VH1. The voices coming out of the tv we separated into little noise fragments like the type you would here at a fast food drive through. By this time i could not believe what i was experiencing so i layed down on his bed to think to myself. I kept coming up with the weirdest shit in my head which i cant even explain. I began to feel like reality would never again exist. So i opened my eyes to see the ceiling caving down on me. It was like a big ball landed on his roof and left a giant indent in his ceiling. I was felt so fucked up that i had to go outside. Thats when the mass confusion finally ended. I walked out into the dark of the night to hear crows crowing. That was probably the most amazing sound i ever heard. Your body and mind just becomes one with nature when your shrooming your ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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