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Universe in a Flower

hey guys, this is a report of my first ever trip, last night.

hey guys, this is a report of my first ever trip, last night.

my mate and i were aiming for about a level three trip. im not sure what it really turned out to be though, so i will call it a 3.

we planned and planned and planned, and soon decided that camping in the bush would be the best option.

so we went out into the bush in the afternoon and set up camp. we found a nice rock creek bed. we made a little hut, threw out the swags, and got the fire ready.
then we got out our 1.5 grams each of cubensis and slowly ate them with the aid of a kit kat. we were interested in finding out what they tasted like after so many conflicting opinions from others on the subject. the verdict was that we decided they tasted pretty ok, but after some chewing got a bit too bitter for our liking.

anyway, with that finished we started walking through the bush towards a big rock cliff that was not too far away, maybe 3 k's or something.. we were walking around and about 20 minutes after eating them we started to notice small black spots in the sky and in the corners of our eyes.. 'nah' we said, 'it cant be happening yet'
how wrong we were..

our legs got heavier as we went further on, and our bodies were feeling more and more weird. - buzzing almost.
when we finally reached the cliff, we both agreed that it was safe to say that the shrooms were really kicking in.
the top of the cliff was unreal. we had a 360o view of the area, and it was so beautiful. things were looking really sharp and perfect, and when my friend tried to describe something to me, he just ended up mumbling to the point of dribble, and then that totally set off the fits of insane laughter in us both. then looking up at the moon, high in the still sun-lit sky, a snowflake encircled it, going from a kaliedoscope of colours to a vortex of deep blue. our bodies felt like we were in thick water and we couldnt stop laughing about how beautiful everything was..

we talked for hours about mother nature, and how it didnt matter if we died because we would always stay here being part of her forever. we talked about the intense feeling of something like hands grasping at our torso's, and we worked out that it was our scared bodies grabbing onto our minds. and we were walking on a big wall in between them, body and soul. then, delving deeper into the philosophical madness, we talked for hours about the size of the universe, and how when i picked up a tiny tiny flower, that out entire universe could be inside this, in someone else's world, on top of some other hill. and that from now on, if anyone was ever angry with us or anything, we would just refer them to the universe on top of the hill and tell them that it didnt care, why should we?

all the while, millions of fractal rainbows and pieces of mother of pearl were scattered in the sky, the air, the trees, everywhere. the warping of every sense imaginable went on, and when we shut our eyes the geometrical patterns were so amazing that we just sat in awe for so long looking at them.

then we realized that our minds were totally connected to each other, and that we knew exactly what the other person was thinking and feeling and about to say.
and we felt that language had so so so many faults in describing the vississitude of emotions that we were feeling all at once. the love, the fear, the control, the lack of control, the understanding of everything.
we said that the only way to describe how we were feeling was the word 'everything'.

this was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of my life. so huge and scary, yet so controlled and beautiful.
later on in the night we did actually get scared and paranoid about the fact that we were so sure that we had been tripping for our whole life and that we would never ever some down, and it lasted much the rest of the night. but this being proven untrue, will be much lesser of a threat next time we feel.

thankyou all for letting me read your own trip reports, and i am so happy that i have now been able to experience the many, many, many indescribable wonders of the mushroom for myself. language cannot begin to describe the feeling, and the only true way to ever comprehend the 'everything' is to try it for yourself.
peace and love,
save the whales.

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