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the first time i went on mushrooms, i said to myself.

the first time i went on mushrooms, i said to myself..." NO FUCKING WAY AM I EVER GONNA DO THIS AGAIN", i had a real bad trip...i was at a friends house, and he's a real druggie, i have always done pot, and hash, never tried any other drugs, but that one night, i tried mushrooms, because weed was getting boring, and besides, i got it for free.....3 g's...so anyway, story goes on...i wasn't feeling nothing for about 30 minutes, then all of a sudden, i heard my mum calling my name...so i answered her, i kept saying "what mum, what do u want", but my mum wasn't there, i was at my friends place. so my friends told me to go outside and cool off. i sat on his step, and i saw my dog across the street, well, i saw what i thought was my dog, it was nothing there was nothing there, but i ran across the street to get my dog cuz i thought she was gonna get hit, i started bawling, and screaming, my friends ran across the street to get me, and they brought me back to the house.
about 25 mins after that, i heard my mum calling me again, and i kept screaming "fuck off mum, leave me alone, i'm having funn" my "mum" kept saying " no dear, ur gonna get hurt, ur having a bad trip, come home" she said that over and over again.....boy was i trippen anyway my "mum" finally stopped talking to me, and i started to see little black birds flying around, so i decided to "fly" with them...yes..i thought i was a bird.....pretty fucked eh? ya well, that's my story, ever since then i do shrooms all the time, ive had a few bad trips, but nothin that bad....did u all read the "long drive"....my friend wrote that, i'm the one she was talking bout in there, i was with her...that was a bad trip too.

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