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The first thing I thought when I came to the trip report areas I thought I probably was going to fall straight under the level 5 area, I was wrong.

The first thing I thought when I came to the trip report

areas I thought I probably was going to fall straight under

the level 5 area, I was wrong. What I experienced I thought was probably the most intense trip anyone could possibly have, and it was only a level 3 think about that before any body decides to go about experiencing shrooms. I had recently started cultivating shrooms just messing around I succesfully cultivated some nice home-growns and took some caps for my first trip which was extremely mild so I thought "oh this is all shrooms are about, this is something I can handle" so a couple days later I decided to take about 6 fresh thick stems and I even thought I could go to school. I will also add that I ate them on an empty stomach and I washed them down with orange juice and I was alone( biggest mistake), the first part of my trip was amazing fun happy bright a suprizing increase in self-esteem even looked in the mirror and saw more chest definition and I had abs. I was free styling running and jumping tons of exitment and feeling very pround of my self, I wanted to share the world with my experience I wanted my Mother to try them with me my girl everyone to show them how wonderful they were. My thoughts were split up into ten thoughts examining each thought individually while at the same time thinking about them simultaniously. I was also playing mario 64 and the colors were so bright and beautiful, but I couldn't do anything for more than a half a minuet with out getting up. I was hearing mariache music while I was tripping on my back on the floor in my room, it started to get intense/then I got sad. At this point I was freaking out because I couldn't hold my mind to one thought, I seriously thought I had lost my mind. I wasn't scared of seeing shit i was affraid that I had done something to my self that was unreversible a feeling of definant doom. I even at one point (AFTER CALLING 911) thought the meaning of life was to not do drugs and not do mushrooms and that I did the only thing I was suppost to not do in my life, I fucked up my life. and the only way to fix my life was to come back in my next life, I said to the operator at one point," I know what I have to do." i was heading into the kitchen to grab a knife and cut my self open, Then I had a brief moment of insite,"Dude, your tripping out of your mind just chill that's rediculous don't kill your self just go to the hospital. An extreme feeling of finality was set in, I went to the front door and the paramedics were talking to me and I told them that I had gone crazy because I took the mushrooms and I thought my brain had a bad reaction to the stuff and I would be mest up for life. Now that I think about it the crazy feeling didn't last, in fact as soon as the paramedics came I felt better I was sitting on my steps still tripping thinking the female, males, were all the same person and that as if there was an inner joke to life and I finally got it I had found nirvana. I had TONS OF REVOLATIONS ones that even contradicted my own beliefs as well as proficies of war In Iraq (I'm NOT PSYCHIC IT WAS JUST A COINSADINCE)
I thought I was buddah on the way to the hospital which was proceded by GOOD and EVIL feeling heaven and hell feeling it was unexplainable but if you've shroomed here's how I would explain it "Love is life life is pain pain is life love is pain cuz life is pain love is life life death rebirth eternety forever life death pain love life." It was a state of mind beyond human comprehension. When the IV was being put in my arm I even thought of the pain as choosing to acknlowledge it there for choosing pain is choosing hell. I need to wrap it up, all i have to say is be careful treat mushrooms with respect meaning use them with the state of mind prepared for a peaceful spiritual journey do them with friends or a trusted friend who will watch you. Be happy with your self and with your life before you approach this. My experience made me look at things a lot differently but I warn everybody to practice saftey and be smart don't do it recreationaly or when your stressed or mad it's spiritual respect that. Or do what ever you want just don't go to the hospital. Happy Tripping =)

PS(THE hospital trip wasn't my last time I shroomed =)

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