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Under the Sink

Hi, this is my first trip report.

Hi, this is my first trip report. Last nite, I totally don't know the day or date but it was last nite, I ate a stem. It was my first taste of of a shroom in a couple years. I have tripped lots on all different types of phychodelics but this trip was by far one the most interesting I have ever had. Anyways, onto the report. I was really hi for the past couple days on DXM. Me and my freind allyson went up to out local 711 here in Mt. Pleasant Michigan to see my freind who was doing third shift. We went outside to smoke a cig with him and he started telling me about these mushrooms he got from his buddy. He pulled out the baggy and showed them to me. They where wonderful, looked and smelled great. By now, my DXM tripping had all but died off so i was totally sober and well rested. I talked him out of a stem, he gave me a fat stem that was about 3 to 4 inches long. I munched it and then drank my OJ I had. Thus begin my nite of a very strange and very bad but good trip.

Allyson and I went back to her apt. and started to sit and chat. I could feel my legs beggining to go numb and my sences became very much heightened. I went to my freind jasons house to talk about a shroom party we have been planning. By now, I am pretty well fucked up from this one stem. The blinds started to flutter and the walls began to breathe slightly. I was enjoying myself, pure nirvana. I remember planning out this mushroom party with everyone then Jason gave me some money to go get a cap from Jared. I strolled back up to 711. As I walked in the cool nites air, I could not take my eyes off of the clouds. The faces and shapes where incredible. The moon was just bright enough and in enough cloud cover that it really gave it a flat 3d look. Yes, that it strange sounding but thats the best way I can describe it. It wa amazing, the nites sound where all around me. The crickets where almost singing.

I get to 711 and do the exchange and talk with Jared about his trip experience. We both shared some laughs and a 2 liter. As I walk back I am once again proplexed by the sky. Then I noticed the ground. The grass in the dimmly lit nite had the most amazing and complex shapes I have seen. I get back Allysons apt and Her and Jason are watching tv. This is where my trip begins to go downhill. Her X comes in and is really bummed. They all try talking to him while I zoned out on her tv. The white in the program was so intense and bright but the other colors where more rich and deep. It was amazing. I don't remember what i was watching but I could not take my eyes off of it. Then I notcied the canopy over her bed, it was and lacy. It looked like a big cobweb. Her and jason come back in and I have to go talk to her x Tristan. By now I am fucked. i did not need to go talk to him about his emotional problems in this mindset but I felt pressured so I did. WHile I was in their we had a very intense and deep conversation. Emotions ran hi and I soon got him to calm down and look at stuff and realize he wasnt the only one with issues. So I left and went back and climbed onto Allysons bed with her and jason. The canopy fell. The giant cobweb fell on me. It was fun, crawling around with the entangled web over. Then it hit me. All the drama from my talk. All of a sudden I get up and shuffle out the door. I said I was going to explore her empty living room. Next thing i know, I am under the sink, clutching a double gulp. I dont quite remember the exact moment that it went downhill but the train wreck came. Jason came out to talk with me and I started getting really scared. All I could say was how scared I was. Then I started to cry. It was insane. for the next few hours, I drifted from under the sink to outside to her bedroom. Eventually I got it in my head I needed to die. I wanted to. It all went fuzzy after that. Then Jason left and I talked with her some more. It was good, she got me calmed down. So, thanks to to two of my very best freinds i survived to trip again.

What I learned from this intense experience was dont do Dr. Phil talks while tripping. It was fun, intense, scary, and almodt deadly. I enjoyed it tho, as weird as it got I did enjoy it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and hopefully I cn have some more to post on here. Just not as bad, more fun.

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