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Uncnditional Knowing

Before I begin I would like to say it is a shame that nearly all the people on this planet have not experienced a rebirth or life-changing incident becase they are afraid of the machine of authority.

Before I begin I would like to say it is a shame that nearly all the people on this planet have not experienced a rebirth or life-changing incident becase they are afraid of the machine of authority.

We ate the sunshine in the bags around 10, 4 of my good freinds. I had just gotten in a fight with my father and was feeling very lowly. When we felt the shrooms take hold around 10:30 we went outside on the patio; the next 4 hours would be the most incredible night of our lives. We laughed at the stubborness and blindness of the world as we had seen the moon like Indians, not as dominator white destructors flailing the cross of death. I felt in myself the importance of nature and all things holy; not a symbol created by selfinterseted men like(the cross),but as a wild beast with unlimited mind potential the holiness of the trees, the wind, the moon.

I looked back upon my life at all the waisted nights in front of a brainwashing box in which displays meaningless visuals. All the stupid fights I had gotten into with my father, my family, girls, and friends.I saw the faults in technology and where humanity has gone wrong. I also saw where men and women hit the shit right on the button: Darwin, Jesus, Marley, Martin Luuther King Jr., the peaceful tribes of earths past.

We talked all night As if we were the great thinkers of the generations, no longer a bunch of ignorant over privaleged white boys from the suburbs. We knew death, joy, love, horror, and everything inbetween and outside and through. Unconditional Knowing. That was the gift in which I now knew had been given to everyone, we just hav eto know where to look for it. Im not saying mushrooms are the answer, they are merely the flashlight in which to see in the dark of confususion.

We covered hundreds of topics throughout the timeless evening. Surprisingly no visuals were experienced, but a total awakening ten thousand times greater than a fucken dripping wall and aliens in the sky. Then the most incredible thing happened in which we created a language in a split second in which I was rebourn through it.

Out of the blue I interrupted my friend and called to the forest. KAKKAYAYAAI! silence, followed by a cry some onehundred yards away. It was a fellow earthling shrouded by the night in a form still unkown to us. We spoke for a few minutes and it scurried on its way. I thought: the first ever communication between two unkown species on the planet earth. What had it said? Through the echoes of its voice i felt what it had said to me, and it has changed my life ever since.

Respect the harmless, defend the peaceful, and spread your knowledge thoughout your offspring. Here was a creature thriving with love and contentment. It knew no simpsons 5:30 to 6:30, or any of the other bullshit people believe is so important to them. From that moment on I became the woodland creature, And it's soul is still inside me.

The next day i made up with my father and all the people who I had quarreled with. I have then since not been in another fight. I no longer use the microwave, eat sugar, caffiene, or any other unnatural substance. Television is but a memory except for animal planet and discovery channel.I speek deep and think like a mammal, surprising many people who had previously regarded me as a sterotypical pot-head. I applied at a job for a book store and read like a motherfucker. The list goes on and so can it for you. Your world can be anything you wish it, just act upon it and release yourself from fear. Fear can be excreted through your system like sweat, just fucken run!

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