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Ultra Immersive Trip

The whole senario happened over a rather stressful weekend.

The whole senario happened over a rather stressful weekend. One of my good friends and i were planning for an intense mushroom trip together on saturday, and i had a party to go to on friday that i couldn't miss. Me and some friends dropped by the party and stayed for a nice acid techno set, as the set was nearing it's close i decided to take a half of an E. This was a stupid move as my friends decided it was time to leave about five minits later. So we leave and on the way home i decide to have a little fun and took another half, as it turns out the E was quite bad and it put me through a rough ride for about 6 hours. When the E wore off it was the next morning and i had to go to my friend's place to participate in our mushroom trip. Well i couldn't let him down and not do it, so i sat down and ate my usual dose of about 6 grams of dried mushroom caps. We also sharred a nice glass of mushroom tea between us. We were chatting anticipating the onset of the magical fugi when all of a sudden my friends bastard narc older brother strides in the door. JUST AS THE SHROOMS SET IN! I rushed into the kitchen where there was still a 1/2 ounce of shrooms sitting on the table in plain sight. I crammed them into the pocket on my sweater and walked back to greet him.
My friend suggested that we take a walk somwhere, i agreed that this was a good idea and we put on our shoes (by now this was and extremley hard thing to do) and began to walk down the street. I tried to relax and enjoy the visuals, but i was way to paranoid. Everything i looked at became alive with flowing movment patters appeared over every surface i could see. All of a sudden i began to feel like a wasn't in control of my body anymore. I walked a few more steps and fell flat on my face, i got up and walked some more and fell again, i got into a sitting position and chilled on the curb, the world was spinning, it was to hard to grasp anything visual or any sound, the only thing that was easy to understand was the cold curb my ass was touching and the super powerful nausea that i was now experiencing.
Then my vision shut of completley, so did my hearing, it was quite frightening. I didn't panic. I told my friend what was happening and just relaxed, after about 15 minits of me conversing with myself in pitch blackness the world slowly faded back in. Hurray. And i was tripping harder than before. I also was experiencing the chills quite badly (stupid Canadian weather is cold too!).
We walked back to his house and now i was having a ball! but i felt so sick that i couldn't walk for more than a few steps. I went into my friends basment curled up on the couch with a blanket and tried to not be sick anymore. The plaster walls were moving with all the furiousity of a pissed off octopus: swirling, morphing, twisting, breathing, it was intense, when i looked at the ceiling the light and shadows from a nearby lamp produced a large golden yellow entity which floated etherealy above me at all times (i became convinced that this thing was friendly, like my guardian angel). If i concentrated i could heard voices saying things, i could make out entire sentances, they would say irrelevant messages that carried no meaning. The carpet was like a sea of tentacles. My friend's parents had some sort of african mask hanging on the wall and the whole night it talked to me and would apropriatley answer any questions i asked it. It had a superb sense of humour.
I stayed in this room for most of my trip, i vertued to the washroom once and was greated by a hallucination of hundreds of white hands bursting from the walls and latching onto every part of my body, i closed my eyes and sat on the floor for a good 20 minits after that one. I came down easily and the trip left me with a overall sense of well being.
I think the effects from the bad E are what caused the blindness and no hearing thing, and i won't have another weekend like that for a real long time.

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