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climbing the walls and i see jesus!

so this was my first time tripping shrooms.

so this was my first time tripping shrooms. i was at my boyfriend Neil's house when out of no ware his friend kyle showed up with shrooms. i had about 2 grams i think (which is allot for me seeing as though i only weigh like 115) i tried to eat them straight but they tasted like shit so i filled my mouth with cheese whiz. a little later i was in Neil's room watching him feed his two pet snakes when BOOM! it hit me!
i felt as though my inner being was pulled from my body and flung around the room. at that moment i couldn't stand up any more and i was laughing my ass off! so i crawled into a corner and thats where i stayed the whole night. it was like being on a roller coaster! your terrified but loving it! i started trying to climb the wall and Neil was feeling the trip too so he brought one of his snakes over and said "feel this its crazy!" he started touching me with it and for some reason i was horrified by it. that was probably the worst part of the trip.
later when all the guys where in the room looking at the trippy screen saver on the computer i started to get really paranoid. that morning i was at a pet store and i saw this tortoise and i was like "aw he's cute I'm going to buy him!" so he was sitting in a box on Neil's dresser. i witnessed Neil take a hatchet to his joint roller (he regretted that later) and was afraid he would kill the tortoise. so i crawled over to the box and took him out and shoved myself back in the corner. they all left me alone in the room so i put the tortoise on my shoulder and started banging my head against the wall to get their attention. i didn't even feel it!
i got hold of some hand sanitizer and poured it all over the bed and myself. it was so cold! i started staring at my tortoise and Jesus appeared on his shell! i was like "holy shit its Jesus!" and then it turned into that maple syrup lady! i felt like there was nothing outside of that room. like the room was just floating in space some ware.he has some black light posters and they looked realy grainy. like TV static. i listened to the song sugar by system of a down and i was like "this song was made for people tripping shrooms."
i was the first to start tripping so i was the first to come down. i had the worst headache! (probably from hitting my head on the wall) Neil thought people could read his mind so i fucked with him a bit and they all thought our friend Alex was a cop!
all in all i would defananly do it again! but its not something i could do more than once in a short period of time. i just couldn't handle that!

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