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U. of Virginia Trip

*note: this is a record of my very first trip in 1999* At the University of Virginia, a friend of mine offered me and my brother around 3.

*note: this is a record of my very first trip in 1999*

At the University of Virginia, a friend of mine offered me and my brother around 3.5 or 4.0 grams of mushrooms one Friday night. I was disapointed and asked if there was a REAL drug around, or even some good dope? Nothing, just these funny mushrooms and some red wine...

I sighed and ate the mushrooms in one mad swallow, then washed it all down with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. I pointed asked my friend if there was a party or something to do; at the very least I felt I must get drunk this evening since I obviously wasn't going to be doing any real drugs!

We walked down the street to a bus driving party (UTS) where I started carousing with the women and drinking some piss-poor beer. Suddenly, I felt really strange. It didn't accur to me that the shrooms were the reason, since I had never felt anything at all from previous "magic mushrooms" given to me. I figured it was like sniffing glue or something, and I had actually forgotten all about them by this point.

For some strange reason, I turned my head and noticed my tripping partner turn his head towards me at the exact same moment. Without a word, we both headed straight for the door and out into the street. Within a few minutes we landed at the doorstep of a few girls we knew and we invited in. By some coincidence, they had Scooby-Do playing on their big screen television, and I was awe struck! For at least an hour, I sat there trying to figure out exactly what the fuck was going on in this cartoon. I utterly failed to do so, but I was still having the time of my life anyway.

After a while, a friend of ours came by with a psychadelic outfit on and a glowing wand. She led us out the door and into the main grounds of Thomas Jefferson's "academic village" in central UVa. There, we walked for hours through Thomas Jefferson's gardens, tripping out on the Greco-Roman architecture, the serpentine brick walls, and all the wild looking plants. At one point, I laid down in the middle of Ampetheator across from Garret Hall, where I felt like I was the only person in the world. My friend walked around looking at the buildings like it was the first time she had ever seen any of them...

All the while, I was having profound thoughts about the nature of life, death, and evolution. Brilliant flashes of lights and strange distortions of vision were constantly making the landscape look like some long dead alien civilization. The handful of drunk frat boys who walked by looked like the pathetic remainders of this ancient race...

After a few more hours (lost track of time), I began to come down from the shrooms. The chills went away to be replaced by some mild hot flashes. I went home and passed out, feeling completely changed by this experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine these fucking silly shrooms would have any effect on me. But they did! And such a positive thing, too. By far, the most soul touching drug I had ever done, even more so than Ecstacy, Crank, or Coke. For days afterward, I felt elated and thoughtful about what had happened.

Over the next two months, I began educating myself about shrooms, and within a year I was producing my own stuff via PF Tek. I also tried a few other species and have even grown shrooms in my refrigerator recently! Mushrooms changed my life forever, and put me touch with a part of my soul that I had never encountered before. Regardless of a few bad trips in the past, I will remain closely allied with psilocybin for the remainder of my life. All other drugs could disappear from this Earth, as long as I am allowed to occasionally visit the Spirit World with the help of my mushroom friends...

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