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Tye Dye

I bought 15$ worth of shrooms about 6 mon.

I bought 15$ worth of shrooms about 6 mon. ago, I dont know if I got my moneys worth though. N-E wayz, me and my friend went up to a little pond called the rez next to a train station, and I dosed. My friend did'nt want to, so I downed the bag in a gulp or two with some iced tea. My friend kept asking me if I felt anything (this was my first time), i got pretty annoyed, so I just told him yeah, even though I wasn't.

About 30 min-45 min later, I felt funny. At the rez, there are stone trails with grass and trees all over the place. As I looked down the stone trail, all the stones turned green, like the grass, so I couldnt tell where the trail was. I kept wondering on and off the trail looking for the stones. My friend was like "what the phuck is wrong with you?"

We got out of the rez and on to the street. I was giggling the entire way. We got to our street, and my friend said he was going home, so we parted. As I was walking down the street, the shadows of the tree branches were swaying wildly, and it looked like the cracks on the sidewalk dissapeared!

I finally got home and went right to my bed room (about 1 hour after I dosed). I thought the trip was over, so I just turned on some Sublime and sat down. I turned off all the lights because I was kind of tired. I noticed a little light coming from my shelf, that set it off!

I looked up at the wall and it moved and breathed and waved all around, I was amazed! I looked at my hands and they looked very smooth, so I rubbed them together in amazment. After a while, I realized that the light from my shelf was light from outside bouncing off my water bottle. I looked at my giant tye dye tapestrie on the wall. The colors were SUPER bright, even in the dark. It swirled and breathed for like an hour and a half!

After that, I reclined on my chair and relaxed. When I opened my eyes, I was facing the floor! I was laying on my stomach on the recliner! This freaked me out at first

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