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Two Words (Pink Floyd)

It was my first trip.

It was my first trip. It was a Sunday night and it was my buddys 20th birthday. Another one of my friends came over he said he had some shrooms. Everone was telling me to do them. So what the hell i ate some, with the birthday cake. Then we smoked a bowl of some crons that i had. sat around and waited for the trip to come. We went to the basement it kinda like a lil movie theater. Neio lights everwhere and posters that glowed, and a surround sound sysem like no other. So we put this Pink Flod viedo in and shit went crazy. During the movie i didnt really recall what was really happening it was nuts. The t.v was moving colors of the neio light were coming at me. And during the movie it almost felt like the people in it were coming out. Its a movie that you need to see you cant explain it. Most of the time it makes no since to you. I remember it being something about a mans life that was going to hell. His father died in the first world war i believe, im really not sure and he didnt know that his father had died and he found out in his mothers room when he found the letter. It was crazy thats all i can really say about that. Then we went to the gerage to trip and we were out there for about an hour maybe longer. I walked in side and noticed the time and it was 2 in the morning befor i knew it. i had taken them at 11 and now it was 2am and i had to work in the morning. I told my friends i was going home, and that it was late and i had to work. They told me to becareful and failed to tell me that this shit can seak up on you at really anytime. I was on my way home saw afew cars and didnt drift at them when i saw there lights. GOt to a stop light, it was the longest stop light in the world, looked around about 20 time and ran it. I had made it home safly. So now im in my room and its still kicking, i sat there for about 3 more hours and finlly fell alseep didnt wake up in the morning untill 1 and i was 6 hours late for work. Not a bad trip though coming down was a little rough but i made it though it.

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