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Two types of HIGH

I discovered something last night, on my second trip on shrooms.

I discovered something last night, on my second trip on shrooms. There are two types of high, there is high (hallucinations and pysical) and there is high (learning about yourself and the feeling in your mind.) The hallucinations can really fuck u up. The hallucinations can freak u out and make u go crazy, or they can add to the mind trip. I find that tripping with your eyes closed is the best, thats when u learn most. I saw in my mind last night, that my girlfriend was a pink unicorn and that a cloud with the face of god was talking to me and they were both above a large beautifull green feild filled with flowers. I could see and hear everything. It was real. I then decided that I was going to go outside and smoke some bud. So I did, or I thought i did. I did everything, I walked into my front lawn and toked up, came back inside (this was at 2 am). Then I opened my eyes. I was lying in my bed. I had imagined the whole thing! The weird part was, i felt everything happen. The burning in the throat, the cold on the grass, everything, but i never left my bed. I went, that was tight. I realized i realy loved my girlfriend and that she was kind of oppresssed and that the world needed to release her from her pod (like a blooming flower). I then proceeded to see that happen in my mind. next i decided to open my eyes. When i did my whole room was moving. I looked at this wall, and my mind went inside it. I was a part of it, very strange. I went, hey, last time i had always wished that i read a magazine. I picked it up and it looked like it was slick with water and almost dripping. When leafing through it there was too much information and i got freaked out and put it down. I had many more experiences, but my final thoughts are these.

There are two types of high and two types of people. The people that get high to hallucinate are getting hihg for the wrong reason. I believe that the right reason to get high is for the mind high. I could easily do without all the hallucinations cuz sometimes, frankly, i get freaked the fuck out. I would love to take a 1/4 of shrooms if i didn't think i was going to fucking die with fright. I will someday, and just trip in the dark, thats the best ever, your imagination goes wild and u learn about yourself.

One last note, i tried listening to some slayer, and it scared me, so i put on mozart. That fixed everything!

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