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Trust your seller

i have tripped many times, but this was the most frightening experience of my life.

i have tripped many times, but this was the most frightening experience of my life. i should have known better. you see, i had rolled the nite before, and stayed up all nite. the next day i bought an eighth of some shrooms that supposed to be really good. i should have gotten some sleep, but it was a party weekend. i ate them aroung 5:30 (day tripper). Everyone else ate theirs later. they took awhile to kick in but they finally started to work all at once. Zang! then my friend came over to the party and told me about his trip the nite before. he had eaten twice as much as i had and almost died. "I had the fear of my body shutting down," he said. What a thing to lay on a person with a fresh eigth in their stomach. "This stuff is not for light trippers. "Oh God", i thought. i'm gonna die. then the couch started stretching out and my friend's head was stretching out. "he's right", i thought, "these drugs aren't for us". i then went to a room and layed down on a bed and turned on the television. "reality", i thought. then lots of people started coming to the party. strange freaks i had never seen before. some girl was drunk and crying in the bathroom. too much for me. then i layed back down and the room twisted and stretched like something horrible. i can't explain the fear. it was awful. fear of everything. i think it was the mass numbers of people and booze and bad vibrations. i finally played with glow sticks and calmed down. the trip was really fun after the fear left. but it also lasted too long. "strange", i thought. not really strange after i learned the truth about the shrooms i ate. they were laced with mescaline. so be careful of what you buy and consume.

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