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Having done E at Disneyland (and enjoying it thoroughly), I decided that shrooms would be an interesting experience as well.

Having done E at Disneyland (and enjoying it thoroughly), I decided that shrooms would be an interesting experience as well. I had used them twice before, feeling next to nothing the first time and seeing only very mild visuals the second time.

Anyway, my friend and I took just over half of an 1/8 each just before we started on the 25 minute trip to the park. We figured that doing so would get the timing just right so that we would start tripping when we got in the park. Unfortunately, rush hour traffic made that 25 minutes become an hour and ten. I knew that I was really tripping when I had to ask my friend if I was slowing down or the street was moving towards me.

When we got inside Disneyland, I noticed that the clouds were red and green and that the brick-patterned sidewalk looked rather 3-D. I needed to go to the bathroom, and I'm glad I did, as it was a fascinating place to be. The walls undulated a bit and their textures popped out at me. I was especially impressed when I went to wash my hands and noticed that the counter seemed almost to flow into the sink.

We went on Space Mountain. It was much more interesting than usual! All of the lights and sounds inside the ride made it seem, well, realistic. The end was especially exciting, as (for those of you who don't know) you get sent through a glowing, rotating tunnel. Any tripper can imagine what that was like.

We went on a few more rides, but the heavy-duty visuals had disappeared for the most part by then, so nothing incredible happened. Even so, going on rides while still under the influence was nice.

After the Space Mountain experience, we meandered around a bit, looking at what there was to look at. The amount of visual stimulation at Disneyland is of great benefit when one is tripping! The trees, people, and rides make it a very wonderful experience.

Another reason to trip at Disneyland is because you don't look extremely odd while doing it there. People act differently there, so it's easy for someone to chalk up your strangeness to that fact.

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