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Tripping through Amsterdam


Ok... I'll put this story in a trip report (under "3'rd degree trip reports") some time, but I'll just write down the basics here and now. I was 18 years old traveling to Norway from Israel and Amsterdam was where I had to switch airplanes. I had 4 hours on me to do whatever the fuck I wanted around in amsterdam though I had a small limit of money I could use. I didnt really have any other plans than to buy shrooms, so I walked up to the first druggie-type-of-a-guy I found in amsterdam and asked him where I could buy shrooms. To ask this guy that question was the worst thing I could've done. This crack head talked and talked so much and was so out of his mind plus his english was really hard to understand but he assured me there was a shroom store we could get to if we hurried (cause it wasnt long before the stores closed. Anyway, we got there, annoyingly enough as it was because of all the 2 meter tall huge black (nothing rascist but they looked like huge fucking basketball players!!!) hookers kept pulling me to the side asking me if I wanted a suck or a fuck and one managed to pull me all the way into the bedroom, I said no thanks and ran out to my crack head tour guide and managed to get to the shroom store in time. They had this fridge where they were selling all types of shrooms in boxes of 10 grams, they had decent information about what they are like to trip on and the store clerk was really helpfull asking me how often I trip and what he reccomended occording to my experience and needs... he he... it was surprising to see how professional the shroom buisness is there, but anyway, I chose the mexican truffles, appearantly they were a little stronger than what a newbie (as I was) should be tripping on but I loved the idea they the trip was supposed to be funny, electric and energetic and colorfull, I was drooling at the thought of it, but not at the taste of them cause those truffles tasted like ass!!! I bought a coke to eat them down with and sat down with my annoying crack head "friend" eating them down slowly. All the time things were happening, like I bought some cocain from some dealers who passed and my crack-head tour guide was SO pissed at this and got twice as annoying, he told me that I was cheating on him and I should be paying HIM for his help and he couldnt believe that I hardly had any money and wasted what I had left on cocain, he told me the cocain obviously was fake and that it was supposed to be some dental drug to make your jaw numb, I was just laughing... I snorted the "cocain" for the fuck of it (never tried cocain before this, or after for that matter) and the shrooms hadnt worked and I had eaten 3 grams. Then all these problems came up in my mind, like I bought one "portion" but a portion to me isnt fucking TEN GRAMS!!! Thats alot for me! I didnt know how many to eat, if I should eat all. The other problem was how to smuggle the rest of the shrooms with me over to Norway! I had little time left, a trip coming up, just enough money to take the train back to the airport, I was alone in a strange city and this fucking upset/angry crack-head following me around constantly wanting money from me even though i allready gave him a euro and didnt have any more money to give him, but he wouldnt leave me... so far things were more or less ok, so I just ate and ate the shrooms listening to him going on and on with my thoughts totally elsewhere and before I knew it I had eaten 8 grams, the most I'd ever eaten before that was 3! This really intense feeling started to grow in my stomouch as we were walking towards the train station but a smile was stretching from cheek to cheek and things didnt seem physically hard anymore... the concrete felt like a trampoline and walls looked like they were made out breathing play-dough... it was mild and beyond my sense of vision and touch... but things just seemed the way they seemed. My limbs felt totally loose and kinda heavy but and really awkward in a funny way but the intense feeling in my stomouch was from this crack head following me around and when I paid atention to this sensation I turned to him (in the middle of a crowd outside the traom station) and SCREAMED at him at the top of my lungs just totally spontaneous that he should just shut up and leave me the fuck alone and that he was giving me a bad trip and there was nothing I wanted more than his stupid crack head face out of mine. He left mumbling something... THAT was a relief... wow! I laughed at the shocked crowd. I felt crazy, like as if being spontaneous was a type of insanity but I mused at the thought and went to the station. But then more problems came up. I had to ask everybody everywhere for directions like every 5 meters, I was totally lost and had no sense of direction or how anything worked in this town... nothing made sense... tickets... money... stress... trains... planes... time... pieces of paper in my pockets, foreign coins and a bag full of stuff it was all a HUGE burdon to me and I had no idea what to do with any of it especially with the 2-3 grams I had left! But I made it to the place where you wait for the trains and sat way back where there were no people, trying to pull myself together talking to myself, smoking delicious menthol cigarettes and watching all the trains I could've taken just pass me. I through all the money in my pocket away, I through all my brouchures, just everything that I didnt REALLLY need and was left with my discman, passport, plane ticket, and shrooms... all that I needed. The bench I was sitting on was breathing HEAVILY and my body felt like it was in a stream of energy breathing through me so hard that at times my back acrhed back and my head forewards or vice versa, or my legs or arms, whatever I was in this stream of energy... I found a plastic bag and struggled my ass off to pack the shrooms in the plastic pieces I had ripped from it, so that I could pack the truffles in my shoe, but I was doing this in the most disfunctional way ever and truffles were just falling all over the places, I finally gave up and through the whole bunch away. I took like the 7'th train (oposed to just taking the first one) and my relief was that the train was empty. I could finally relax... for now... A few seats infront of me facing my direction sat just one guy, this guy looking like a japanese tourist but he was a korean doctor who had been on a buisness trip or something. Being relieved at the fact that I met a doctor I started asking him all types of questions like how to rid me of the trip. I was babbling on and on about tripping, psychedelics, the 60's hippy movement and talking to him as if I was talking to him from another world trying to explain how fucked up the real world is because of all the stress and stuff, and how the world should be simple and peacefull, not so "mechanical". He was really interested in all of this, seeing as he was a doctor and understood what I meant but thought it was to late to change the world, thats when I said, "thats the problem, people allways think its too late to do something and keep going in the same robotic direction", he he, well its true! Anyways, his advice was to drink water and vomit, I did so but in that order, so all the water I drank in the sink was what I had puked out again afterwards, missing the toilet I puked all over it and around it and brown wet truffle spots decorated the whole bathroom. I CANT puke under any condition, but on shrooms it was like turning on a fossit, and when I stuck my finger in my throat I could feel/see how that part of my throat actually looks like in my mind... pretty cool, but I got sick of vomitting after the 20'th time when the truffles were just starting to really get out (oposed to just water with truffle color). I laughed at the fucked up bathroom before I left and stumbled through the curvey train car towards my seat. It was like I was drunk and psychologically fucked up. I asked the korean doctor if the lights on the sealing of the train really were curvey... which they were, but it was fucking trippy just to sit in that car. At this pont I was feeling really good, I felt like I was a really handsomnly dressed tourist with cartoon movements with the mind of the guy in the movie, "American Psycho", just because I fucked the whole bathroom up and laughed at it... it gave me this feeling, he he, well now that I look back at it. My life there and then felt like a movie. I got to the airport and the place looked like it was supposed to be a mall and I had ended up in a regular mall, through my eyes everything had this purple scheme to it and it looked like from a space movie, I mused at this thought and went up to all types of all people (from old woman, to little kids, to whole family's and people who worked there) opening the conversation with introducing myself, then saying I was out of mind on shrooms and explaining why I'm so lost and asking people for help. I was discussing with the staff about why there so many numbers and so much confusion on airports! I asked people if I really was in an airport, all types of shit, I dont really remember my mentality at that time but I know I was having fun doing this even though I was lost. I got to the right gate (I was rave dancing along through the trippy halls (and wasnt the slightest bit embaressed or ashamed) listening to Alien Project moving my hands like ravers do with glowsticks and all these stiff buisness men were looking at me like they were provoked) but I had to wait for like an hour before boarding the plane, standing still and thinking with all the other waiting passengers got me into this paranoid thought loop so I went into the bathroom and thought I'd meditate myself through it. I closed my eyes and rested my head on my hands and saw the coolest funnyest soothing things which I just cant explain... those 45 minutes of meditating got me so much through this paranoia problem I was having that year that I am forever thankfull to the power of mushrooms and have the greatest respect for their magic, it might sound weird, but mushrooms have an amazing therepeutic effect. When the plane took off (ironically enough) the shrooms were coming down, they were coming down the slow and beautifull way shrooms do and I was in a landscape of timeless thoughts reflecting upon everything that is beautifull in life and the beauty of being way up over the clouds with the sun peeking through the windows. That was just so magical, and it felt like my whole life came together just that moment. Amazing...

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