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Classic Memories

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Dose:5-7 caps per person.

It was a summer ritual, a wild night was soon turning into another boring day and we had nothing too do. So out of desperation and total boredom me and 3 other people decided too go hit up our personal cow field. 30 Mins later we came up with a fairly large amount of cubensis and decided too eat them right on the spot ( hehe, makes ya hungry thinking about it right? ). On the way home Jimmy sits up, grins, exclaims hes tripping balls and starts bursting into laughter . . . of course this activates my trip and everyone elses. I asked him what he saw and he couldn't describe it " There's fucking stars flying past us!! " is all i could get out of him. The morning was in full bloom by that time, beams of light were shining through the clouds which was heavenly too say the least, the shrooms made the scene that much more beautiful. We tumbled down the rabbit hole . . . and couldn't stop laughing, for 7 hours straight.

Once at the apartment i realized how much i was tripping when i took a look at the wallpaper. Everything was breathing and designs were cris-crossing each other. We decided too leave 30 mins after we got there ( people were sleeping ) and take my boy's big body out onto a dirt trail. Before i knew it we were flying 50 miles per hour down a dirt road laughing our nutz off at each other. All the sudden a tree appeared in the middle of the road which was normally clear, we skidded too a stop . . . inches before we hit the tree and my friend Burk jumped out of the car and ran into the woods; chasing what he called " squirral bats ". Once he was out of the car we got around the tree, and all of us were delighted too see him chase after the car like we were actually going too leave him in the woods.

After those shananagins we reclaimed what sanity we had left and went too my friend Jasons house too go swimming. When floating underwater you feel like your suspended in time and space. Letting your arms and legs float freely is such a realise when tripping off of shrooms . . . you feel like Jello anywayz, why not go swimming too increase that perception? Over the course of all this we ran into several females and friends who were delighted by our ear too ear grins, we had some pretty deep conversations, and had a few good laughs. So if you're bored, go eat some shrooms . . . you'll have memories that will last you a life time.

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