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Tripping on the Bus

This was my 7th time doing mushrooms, and it was probably the most intense.

This was my 7th time doing mushrooms, and it was probably the most intense. It started with me and 2 friends (lets call them M and E) hanging out at Ms house in West Vancouver, B.C to eat the shrooms [7 grams for me, not sure for others]. We stayed there a while, smoked a couple bowls and listened to Magical Mystery Tour (great CD).
Before the shrooms stated to kick in, we decided we would go over to the conservatory. On the way there, they started to work - I felt they uneasy anticipation of the come-up, coupled with general excitement about the event. We then got on the bus that headed in the direction of the conservatory. Looking back, this was a stupid idea due to the fact that the ride was long and their was no way we were going to get off the bus before we started to trip. Well, for whatever reason, the usual slow come-up was completely by passed, and I began to peak, sitting on a crowded city bus in Vancouver: great. It came on hard, VERY hard. Suddenly, it felt like someone had pored some sort of acid on my brain (I know it sounds lame, but it is the best way I can describe this particular peak.) The entire world got distorted and seemed to fizz as if it was carbonated. I was unable to function, and collapsed on to the side of my seat. Looking out the window, I saw neon faces begin to materialize on the roadside. Then, originating on the road outside, thick neon lines rushed towards me through the window in a 3D fashion. Overwhelmed by the entire experience, I closed my eyes hoping for some relief. I was greeted them by a mass of multicolored un-definable shapes occupying my entire field of view. I lost track of time and where I was in the city, it was just a mass of colors and confusion until my M and E brought me out of my daze saying we were at our stop.
I got up, feeling much more sober, and left the buss. Still feeling a little weird, we went up to the conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. Unfortunately, mushrooms seem to take a way all motivation to do anything external - we simply couldn't bring ourselves to go up to the ticked booth and pay to get in the conservatory. So, alternatively, we smoked some hash on a park bench. A moment after I took my first hit, the mushrooms came rushing back. The entire grassy hill in front of me turned bright neon green. I the got up and attempted to walk, but the trip was just too powerful. I collapsed in heap in some muddy grass behind me. Throughout this time, I was barely able to think.
After this, we decided to go to Es house, which was in the area. On the way, M, who was tripping more than us at the time, kept getting lost. Me and E would walk a 20 meters or so, look back and see that M was no where to be found. This proceeded until we left the park and got to Es house - unfortunately, his parents where there. We quickly avoided them and went upstairs to Es room. At this point, M began having a little freak out. He looked very pale, and would stare out into space, wide eyed, biting his nails. He kept saying things like "are we caught?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Something’s wrong!" "Did I loose something?" "What’s wrong?" He then searched his bag furiously looking for whatever he had lost, which was nothing. We kept trying to re- assure him that nothing was wrong, but with no luck. I got tired of this and when down to the living room couch. There, I began to trip again. The entire room took on an earthy yellow glow, and little neon insect type things were floating around. Some very cool goa- type music was playing in the background. At this point, almost triggered by the music, my head seemed to leave its normal bounds of space; it was no longer a solid object, it seemed to turn into energy and flow out into the room, somehow in synch with the music. All the time, I was talking to Es mom. But the really cool thing was that I was not bothered by this, as I usually would be. I could talk to her easily, effortlessly, just like she was one of my friends. I got this great confident "aura" about me - I felt completely in control and in tune with what was going on. This lasted until I went back upstairs to E's room, at which point, on the way up the stairs, the mushrooms came rushing back to me AGAIN. This time, my entire field of view looked like static on the T.V. I couldn't see a thing, I got really disoriented and, blinded, crashed into Es room knocking some stuff over on his desk and falling onto his bed. This about ended the experience.

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