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Tripping on the beach

AFOAF has been growing psilocybe cubensis "keepers creepers" for about 4 months.

AFOAF has been growing psilocybe cubensis "keepers creepers" for about 4 months. Yester day my cat picked one of them that was getting too big to fit in the rubbermaid container. My cat took it out, weighed, and measured it. It was 46 grams wet and 14 inches long. It's veil was starting to break, it was time. AFOAF and another FOAF decided to split it and go down the the beach below their house. One of them had taken 1/16 of an ounce (dried) before and the other had never experienced psilocybin before.This is a particularly rocky beach and there were tidepools everywhere as well as a cave that they found that was accessable because of low tide. They munched on the fungi and started exploring the rocks. About 45 minutes later they started to see brighter colors. The first 10 feet out to the ocean looked purple and the sand stood out. They decided to sit down, but had to crawl like gollum to get to a flat spot with no rocks. Sounds were enhanced and the ocean crashing was crystal clear. One of them started to stare at a rock and noticed patterns emerge. The patterns turned into an aztec statue and the sand began to move. Other rocks seemed to be popping out. The other guy was not ready for all of this and asked if they could go back to the house. They decided to go up to the garden of their house and listen to some tool. After moving very slowly they finally made it and a few minutes later their thought processes were being broken apart so that they could not communicate. At this point one of them started to see vibrations in the grass and shimmering eyes emerge. The pattern of a man meditating was seen in a hedge. The visuals were nice, but it was more a head trip, which they did not expect. Two hours of introspection went by and the two could finally have a conversation again. They were dazed as their minds had just been boggled. One mentioned that it seemed like an epipheny and that he would always think differently from then on. It's hard to describe what they thought about, but it was mainly that having a fake life is a waste and just living is what is really important. Everyday things were broken down into what really matters. This experience seemed to tire both of them and one decided it was time for him to go home. This was an experience to remember.
Thanks for reading my report. I know that reading in third person is annoying.

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