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Tripping Bliss!

"Tripping Bliss" by TB Ok, I live in South East, Texas, and it's an extremely arid, and dry climate down here.

"Tripping Bliss" by TB

Ok, I live in South East, Texas, and it's an extremely arid, and dry climate down here. Theres hardly any rain, and shit, theres cow fields as far as the eye can see. Living in this ghetto country town, I have become a hacker/phreaker/tagger, and a bunch of my hacker-clique friends we're under this over-pass we call "Tag Land". It has mad tags on it, from old school '80s to our 99-2K sprays. We've been getting pretty good, but our whole perception changed when we got on shrooms. Cardin Hard, Eukniix, and I [TB] (hint: our handles)were done tagging, so we walked down this long-ass rail road track. The bitch was a long walk, but we finally made it to this cow-field. It was the popping of our cherry to the trip world, and we didn't wanna' trip hard. We ate a few, and nothing big happened. A mild feelings of euphoria, or some shit, but that was it. We then scavanged through the hordes of cows, and mounds of hamburger helper, until we we're feeling good. We departed, and by the time we got back to "Tag Land", we we're in full effect! The long foot journey there had given nature's own time to kick in, and we we're off the hook! CH, Eukniix, and I we're lounged back on the semi-steep overpass, and the tags we're morphing, and distorting before our very eyes! I felt weird before, but since we ate the others, I thought I was about to die! I stoop up, and the vision of the 'tags above my face from sitting down remained, and I thought I'd gone blind. I fell back down, awakening my friends, who we're also tripping. I nearly fell down the 'pass, but I kept it cool. It was one of the best feelings I've ever had (next to getting head..!) but I'm not going to be a 'shroom head, or anything. It was a good experience, but I think I'm going to stick with 'bud and brew. Shrooms are free and all, but the trouble..getting shot at, cow attacking you..damn. We've had some other times where farmers on 4-wheelers attack us from all angles..it was mad crazy shit. We had to run, and cross this river which had a skinny-ass pole that we had to balance on to get away. They could've legally killed us, or some shit I heard, but fuck 'em, we got away. Don't let the man hold you down! Cow attacks aren't that frequent, but when those heffers charge your ass, you'd better have your running shoes on, 'cause the bitches don't stop until they hit something. Naturally they're spooked by the 'shroomers, but theres always that fiesty one in the pack.. Yeah, I'll be eating his ass on a hamburger in a few months..! Two good things come from cows..shrooms, and hamburgers.. Although shrooms are trippy, I think I'll stick to the standard drugs, and burgers!

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