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Tripping at the Fest

This Memorial Day Weekend I was at X-fest which is a 3 day concert sponsered by a Minnesota radio station 93x.

This Memorial Day Weekend I was at X-fest which is a 3 day concert sponsered by a Minnesota radio station 93x. This year included bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Everclear, 3 Doors Down, Slipknot, Static-X, Powerman 5000, and a lot more. Other than that was the camping, the nudity, the partying, and for me of course, the shroomin.
We arrived on the campgrounds on Thursday night, a day before the concert would begin. We expected to be one of the first people to arrive there. How wrong we were. There were already thousands of not so sober campers starting the party a day early.
This didn't matter much to me. We still found a good camp site and my only concern was setting up the tents building a fire and eating some shrooms. Even as we were setting up our campsite there were a couple of trippers who wondered into our campsite rambling on about how they were lost and all other sorts of shit. This was the closest thing to anarchy I've ever seen.
So immediately after our camp was set up I ate a dimebag of some blue dotted shrooms that were very potent. It took a while for them to kick in. Or at least it seemed like it. How can you accurately estimate time with shrooms. So I had a few beers and just waited.
I was the only one with the group I stayed with who had shrooms. The rest were extremely drunk and we decided to go for a walk and socialize with the other campers. As we drifted away from our campsite, you know what started to come on strong.
After a while I collapsed by a tree because I couldn't take all that walking. The ground was moving like I was on a boat in the ocean. On top of that we were all lost. I just told everybody to find the campsite and come get me when they did. They found it after what seemed like an eternity and I was home again. And that's when the peak began.
The fact that I was smoking a bowl during the peak probably made it stronger than it would normally be. Whatever the reason, I was fucking gone. I was hallucinating strongly. Strange visions appeared with my eyes open and closed. The fire was turning green and I thought every tree was speaking to me. Around this time I started puking. I saw the ground covered with thousands of worms (which was actually just the grass)
After I vomitted I decided I was tripping too hard and decided to sleep it off. The delima was that I was lost again, and I didn't even leave the campsite. I wondered around this Alice in Woderland type environment I was in looking for my tent. No luck. Fortunately I came across one of my buddies who helped walk me to my tent.
I layed down in my tent which was the cheapest piece of shit I could find at wal-mart. I'm 6'3" and was sleeping in a tent about 5' long and 3' wide. So you can imagine I was a little clostraphobic while tripping. Being stuck in this migit tent I started getting more visions. One that particualry stuck in my head was that of an eagle standing on a pyrimid. It seemed somewhat spirtual. I closed my eyes and I saw blobs of light that became things like middle fingers, mushrooms, pot leafs, snakes, ect...
I decided to get out of that tent, which I was starting to think was a coffin. I try to unzip the bloody thing and it woun't budge. You can just imagine the fear that crept up my spine while being stuck in this piece of shit tent while tripping hard.
It seemed I had been screaming for hours before someone finally helped me open the tent. My whole body was shivering. Was it from fear, or from cold, I didn't know. I layed by the fire to warm up and drank some water. I was finally starting to come down.

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