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Tripping Alone

I had always been warned against tripping alone, but hey!

I had always been warned against tripping alone, but hey! I was bored! So I blended up about 1.5 grams of cubies(psilocybe cubensis) and mixed it into some orange juice, my fav concoction. After about ten minutes the effects hit and they hit kinda hard. I stared at the trees outside and noticed how they smeared into each other. I also noticed the texture of the deck seemed to be moving and faces appeared but not in the usual kaleidoscope fashion. After munching down some townhouse crackers i went to take a piss. However when i arrived int the bathroom despite my urge i noticed aztec god swirled into the ground and they were morphing into aliens. I passed this off as some sort of ancient culture and alien connection from milleniums past. i moseyed into my room and played some terence mckenna and really vibed into the earth. After many other hallucination and much hand staring i calmed down and tried to collect my ravaged emotions. through this trip i learned some things:
  • The ultimate reality(god or whatever) has a plan, even if we can't see it we must except it.
  • people play ego games that they must stop.
  • nature is you and you are nature.
  • the world functions in multiple dimensions.

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