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Chunky Peanutbutter

July of 99 was my first experience with shrooms.

July of 99 was my first experience with shrooms. My friend M's folks went away for the evening and we had some shrooms to munch on. it was about eight o'clock at night and my friend J just got out of work so we first all met at his house. this is our usual smoking ground his room is in the basement in his parents house so we manage to get away with it.
Three of us wanted to trip and we had a quarter-oz just waitin to be consumed. Then i said "Man i heard those things taste like shit, i sure as hell ain't eatin mine while i'm straight." I suggested that we rip the bong to motivate us. Everyone agreed so my buddy smokefrog busted out his one-foot green bong and we proceeded to rip it.
We were about four bowls deep when it became clear there was only one thing to do, and that was to knuckle up and eat those shrooms. Still nobody wanted to eat them but M remembered hearing it was a good idea to eat them in a peanut butter sandwich. We divided the shrooms into three piles and made our sandwiches.
With the sandwiches gone we had some time before the trippin started, and since we already ripped some bong smoking was out of the question. So we chose the next best alternative...VIDEOGAMES!!
We played for about a half hour when the shrooms started affecting me. It was very gradual at first, a little fluidity in the way my surroundings were moving. M decided it was time to get down to his house and since it was right down the street about a quarter mile we figured we'd hoof it. We came out through the basement steps to avoid J's parents, and we saw some people down by the bushes at the front of J's house. M was all sorts of fucked up and he figured the best way to stir out these peeping toms was to shout "Look it's some fuckin spies." This was their cue to get the fuck out of dodge and that's what they did. except they weren't to sneaky about it as they ran off we saw that it was J's girlfriend and a couple of her friends. She was pissed at J for trippin and she was spyin on him(i have no clue why but that's pretty fucked up). Me and M then started barrel assin it down the street to catch up to these people that had at least a 60 yard head start on us, before we caught up to them they were around the corner and in their car. I just said fuck it and waited for the other guys to catch up to me and M. We all started back on our patht M's house except for M. I looked back to see where he was and he was sitting in the middle of the road just chillin out.
Upon arriving at M's house J's woman shows up again and starts talkin with us, and her friend starts flirtin with me. Normally i would have not had many problems talkin to this chick but under the circumstances i just wasn't makin any sense. This girl didn't seem to care she thought my mindless babblin was cute. I saw the possibility of scorin tonight had J and his girlfriend been gettin along that night, she got pissed and they all left.
J's girlfriend leaving was the best thing because now i had the opportunity to allow the trip take it's path. i was sittin in M's backyard and i felt like i was on some kind of sitcom set, except there was a problem, no cameras and no actors just an empty backyard with the spotlight on and a bunch of kids rippin the bong.
We ripped bong and watched the stars for hours but it felt like minutes. It was about one in the morning when we went inside the house to watch tv, just as we went inside who shows up but none other than M's parents. This had to be the craziest thing i've ever been part of. All i knew is that i had to get the hell out of there. M's folks didn't know we were trippin they just thought we were drunk or something so i got the hell out of there and went to my house where eventually i came down and fell asleep.
Next time i trip i will take a full eighth and we'll see what happens.

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