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Tripping @ Moe.

Before the recent Moe.

Before the recent Moe. concert me and N both ate an 1/8 of shrooms on a cheesesteak around 5pm. On the way to the concert around 6pm is when they really started to take effect. Everything slowed down and got all funky and groovy. The vibes I was getting from everyone in the car were all positive, and I was laughing hysterically at the stupidest things. I had the best body high and my mind was starting to wander. We pulled over into Woodstock, (hippi store) to get some insense for the hour drive into philly. The colors inside the store were breathtaking. I was getting the funkiest visual trails of colors. I was in a different world and loving every minute of it. I couldnt stop staring at random objects in the room, I was having a blast. We picked out a good scent, and got back in the car. We then arrived to Tower Theatre around 7:30. We then were chillin in our seats waiting for the show to begin. At about this time is when my trip started to peak. The carpet seemed to lift off the ground and wave and make cool and different patterns. It was very awesome to look at. My friend L asked the beer girl where he could smoke a cigarrette. She most likely answered him in a normal voice, but she sounded like a deamon. I got scared and shrunk down in my seat. I had an uncomfortable feeling after that for about 5 minutes. The next thing I kno, a good friend of mine happened to be at the same Moe. concert, and she sat down right in front of me. She immediately enlightened my trip. My trip went from scary to incredible after this point. We reminissed for a while until Moe. was ready to come on. Somehow, we got 5th row seats and jammed out to the whole incredible 1st set. I cannot explain how beautiful the lighting was. Everything appeared shiny and gorgeous. I felt like my surroundings were fake. It was as if I was on the set of a movie. The rest of the concert was a blur, since I smoked alot of pot with my friends. We tripped out to the 2nd set as I came down from my trip. We then went back to my friends house, smoked a blunt, and went in the hot-tub. Soon after, we fell asleep listening to the Phish; IT festival DVD. I woke up the next morning feeling like i got 100 hours of sleep (VERY REFRESHED) EXCELLENT TRIP!!! WHAT AN EXPIRIENCE!!! I loved every second of my trip, and there's nothing I regretted. Mushrooms are an excellent drug, they open your mind and they teach you alot about yourself. I cant wait till my next trip!

Trip On!


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