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Trippin on a plane

The weidest trip i ever had was when i ate 18 of shrooms and took 2 drops of acid at the Denver airport.

The weidest trip i ever had was when i ate 18 of shrooms and took 2 drops of acid at the Denver airport. I had bot a 3hour layover so i had nothing better to do with my time.

First i went into the bathroom and went in a stall and soaked some acid up with some toilet paper out of my vile, then i ate the shrooms.

After that i went up on the upper deck in the airport and started eating my food. It wasnt until about 45 minutes later when it started to hit. And holy shit when it did i didnt want to be in the airport. I kept thinking people were looking at me beacause my pupils were fucking huge.

After i walked back and forth on the floor esculaters about 20 time which was a fucking trip, it felt like i was floating across the floor. Then i wait for my plane to board. when it did i kept panicing that i was going to miss my plane and get stuck here. Finally i found the plane and got on.

when the plane took off it was fucking cool the lights of the city looked like i was in a science fiction movie floating around in space. And whenever i closed my eyes the plane felt like it was spinning around in circles. I cant explain how fucking weird it was but it was cool and also bad beacause i had to hold a piss for 30 minutes because i was to afraid to ask where the bathroom was.

I just sat there listing to Godsmacks new cd and thought ever song was talking aboub trippin balls. I also started to feel trapped in the plane whiched sucked but i just drank water and relaxed. when i got off the plane my mom picked me up. holy shit dont ever fry around your parents you try to talk but sound like a dumb ass. will my trip didnt end until about 9:00 in the morining the next day.

I felt like i was going crazy. Will i left out a whole bunch of shit beacuse i have no time im at the Denver Airport right now and have to go catch my plane so SEE YA

oh and try not to trip on a plane its fun but you almost have a bad trip luckily i could control myself.


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