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Trippin in the Netherlands

I spent 4 months studying abroad in the Netherlands.

I spent 4 months studying abroad in the Netherlands. It was the most amazing time of my life! I suggest anyone who studies abroad go to this country. It is the land of drugs and sex. I partied non-stop!

Anyways one day I decided to go out and buy mushrooms at a Smart Shop with a buddy. We bought 3 boxes of Mexicans. Later that night we split the boxes between 7 people. We all ate them and felt nothing. About 20 minutes later, my friend then decides that she needs to go out and get a pack of cigarettes so all of us go on a walk with her. Holy shit! Right when we got outside, all 7 of us start feeling the shrooms kick in. All 7 of us sat on a bench and just started going nuts. Then we decided to walk to a nearby park and just chill out. Everything anybody did or said, I started laughing hysterically. It was insane! Then everything started changing colors, leaves and trees were alive and moving like crazy. Everybody also said that they felt like they were wet all over their body. My feet and hands felt wet. For some reason I couldn't stop saying "I'm so confused...What's going on?" I said that line over and over again and no one got annoyed. I felt so much love for everyone I was with. I just wanted to make out with everyone. When I leaned on a friend, I felt like we were melting into each other. It was so strange. Then my time got distorted. I felt like this moment was never going to end. I felt like the day would just keep on going and going. I was so damn happy! It was the most amazing experience of my life. I am afraid that if I try it again, it will mess up my first time amazing experience.

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