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trippin in my room

i was at my bros friends house at about 5:00am.

i was at my bros friends house at about 5:00am.. and this girl had lost of mushrooms... she gave me about an 8th.. and the me and my bro made about a quarter of mush tea.. and split it into 3 cups and i had one, he had one and this other girl had another one... it felt like i had to leave and go home for some reason.. and me and my bro were walking home and he laughed a bit and then we started to laugh for a long time and laughed really funny... once we got home.. my dad saw us and knew we were trippin on something and then i jsut went in my bedroom.. and i was staring at my posters.. and everything was waving.. and there was this line on my door and then it turned into a snake coming towards me.. once i shook my head it went away.. i couldnt sleep for along time... i kepy makin these weird faces.. and kept playing with my hands... i was doing all this weird trippy stuff.. and i realized what i was doing and how dumb i was acting.. but it wasnt my fault.. it was the mushrooms... .. i always thought someone was swatching me ... i kept tihnking of something i could do that was trippy.. once i figured out waht to do.. i couldnt do it i just sat there staring at my room... once i thought i was coing down.. and then i started to see colors like red.. yellow .. and green on my walls.. everytime i heard something.. i got up and started to stair at my carpet.. and it was moving in circles... after i was coming down.. i just thought about myself like ajunky and im going nowhere in life.. and all of a sudden my eyes started to wter hella... and after that i went and had a shower... i was washing my hair and i realized that i was pushing raelly hard on my skalp...and i couldnt handle the shower.. it was trippin me out way to much... and all of a sudden i woke up and it was 230 in the afternoon and i was high anymore.. that was one of the trippest mush trips ive had.

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