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trippin face at a party

we and my boy got some chocolate bars with at least a half an 8th in them, it was my 2nd time tripping.

we and my boy got some chocolate bars with at least a half an 8th in them, it was my 2nd time tripping. he ate his a little bit before me, around 7, and i ate mine around 7 30, we went to a party about 4 blocks away from my house, my friend started tripping a little bit saying he didn't like the puddles on the ground, i had no idea what he was talking about, we got to the house and this girls brother was playing a video game, grand theft auto, and thats when i started tripping, he would shoot some1 and i felt bad for them think i was in the game......then my friend and i need cigarettes so we got in his car and left , i got in the back sit with a friend, he started dancing with the music and he was trailing raely bad, i started to trip even harder at this point, i tried to by my own smokes at this one store, i walked in and said let me get a pack of Newport's and the guy was like u got id? i said , I'm only 16 and he was like sorry i cant help you out, then his face got all swirled up and i started freaking out cuz it never happened to me before, so i just stared at him and then the next think i know I'm back in the car laughing my face off with my boy that took the shrooms with me. we got back to the party and my girlfriend was mad at me for some reason i forget why so i went to give her a hug and then it felt like something was sticking to my face from her head and it was all slimy and i ran out the room, she came out and said " u cant even take me serious" and she was smoking a cigarette at the time and when she flicked it , it was like fire works, so i laughed and she shut the door in my face , so i got relay pissed so i sat on the back porch with a beer and a smoke and watched the highway with all the trails, then i looked in the corner and ssay the Walls moving and charging defferent shades so i go up and sat inside, i looked at the sealing fan and it turn completely upside down, as this was going on it was like 3 hours and it only felt like 1 , when Ur on shrooms time move so slow . so i went home and passed out on my bed , i love shrooming and that was the hardest Ive ever tripped. mad love ,..... Barrett...

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