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trippin balls in aspen

this year at the winter x games in aspen colorado, there was a concert every night.

this year at the winter x games in aspen colorado, there was a concert every night. on nice a band called the roots were playing. my brother brought home a huge bag of mushrooms, quarter pound, to enjoy for a month or 2. i decided to go trippin up the the concert with a couple of my friends. so at about 630 i grinded up 4 grams of boomers in my coffee grinder. i mixed them in a tall glass of orange jucie and chugged away. i can hardly stomach them raw or even in some drinks but orange juice conceals the taste wonderfly. after i drank it all i put on all my warm shit to go up to the concert. no one was home at my house so i turned up some eric clapton loud enough to hear outside with all the windows and doors closed. i wasnt expectin it to kick in any time soon i was hoping by the time i arrived in aspen. as i sat and waited to walk to the bus i knowticed my carpit start to slide and becom wavey. then a large set of semetrical cabnits caught my eye. it appeared as one big pattern and then started to twist and warp. realizeing my trip was beginning i decided to go out and wonder a little befor i went the the bus. i took the long way around my small town to the bus stop. as i walked down my street i couldnt get myself to go any faster than a slow mosy. so i walked and gazed at trees and and the falling snow and streat lights. i walked for about 5 minutes and then reached town. the footprints in the fresh snow seemed to form a thin sheet that slid over the ground. as i walked through town i could hear the echoing of peoples voices very vividly. then i heard little kids laughing. it scared me as much as it made me laugh.when i arrived at the bus stop i was the only one there. i was glad because a lot of people can make me nervous when tripping and trying to get somewhere. i was hoping i would be the only one at the bus stop and the bus wouldnt have many people on it. about 3 minutes befor the bus came heards of people started to arrive at the stop. i was able to hold my compusure and not freak out. the bus showed up and i hadnt realized how many people were at the stop. i got up and saw that around 50-60 people were waiting. i saw a few kids i recognized but wasnt good friends with. they were at the front of the line getting on the bus. being a retired destributer of cannabis they recognized me too. i feared i would have to get on the bus last and not have a seat so i asked them to cut in line. one of them looked at me a little wierd and then said you of course you dont even have to ask. so i got on the bus and sat next to a girl i knew as well. my friends were waiting at the next bus stop but the bus was too full and we went right past. so i just decided to wait until i was in aspen to call them to meet up. as we went by the ski mnt where the xgames is actually held i got a phone call. it was my friends telling me to get off there but i had already passed. the brightness of the lights were incredible it was almost like day time. but i did want to get off at the next stop and walk so i was alone on my way to aspen which is about 1 mile past the ski mnt. the bus arrived in aspen and i got off and made my way to a bench close to the station. i sat and watched the cars in the road and there shadowns the lines of tires in the snow and shadows made by headlights and other cars in the streat seemed to flow and slide across the road. i sat and marvaled at this for what seemd like 30 minutes. i finally got the gumption to go explore. i made my way to one of the strip malls and walked through. the lights of the stores and street lights was so intensified. i found myself at the end of the mall and in front of a mcdonalds. there was a wodden bench in front of it and it looked almost alone to me because no one was sitting on it. so i decided to have a sit. when i sat down loads and loads of people began to show up. large groups of kids i knew would come and go. they asked why i was sitting along on a bench and all i said was that i was just waiting. it was the only think i could think of. as a sat and people watched everyones heads looked out of perportion. like a couldnt focuse on one single part of their face. when tryed to focus on someones eyes i saw thir mouth and when i tryed to focus on someones nose i saw their hair. i was amused and watched for a long time. i listned to peoples conversations and came to the conclusion that everyone was either trying to get laied or trying to find drugs too look cool. as i sat on the bench i was invited toa keggar asked for weed, coke, mushrooms and alcohal. as i denyed all of them i felt invincible. i didnt have to hide anything. because i stopped selling and smoking weed i was able to turn everyone away that invited me to go smoke a bowl with them. i started to get cold and i had to go the the bathroom. but as i thought about it i was able to tell myself that i didnt have to go and that i was cold but i wasnt bad it just bugged me a little. finally after what seemed like 2 or 3 hours of people watching my friends showed up. we walked to a grocrey store near by because my freinds hadnt aten their mushrooms yet and needed something to eat them with. i decided i would go to the bathroom so it didnt bug me all night. my friend who stayed sober for the night guided me to the bathrooms. they were in the oddest spot to me. just in the front doors down a staircase through a very thin hallway, no more that 3.5 feet wide. then past a row of lockers and around a corner into the breakroom of the store. the walls of the hall seemed to be on an angle and so did the lockers. it was all white and bare. i felt like i was stepping into a black and white univers or something. after i relieved myself we waited for my friends to eat. then we returend to teh site of the concert. when it started i made my way to what seemed like almost the middle of the crowd. as the bass and guitars and drums played i could feel the music. like if the sounds were entering me and forcing me to move to the beats. the lights of the show were also incredible. but as a sat and watched i couldnt stop thinking to myself that mankind was cool and all and came up with some crazy stuff but nature was more incredible than anything we could make. i sat thought about this subject for the majority of the time i watched. after a few songs we had to go to a place to warm up again because my friend though she was getting frostbite. on the way out i saw 2 of my pothead teachers smoking a bowl. i started to laugh, and i couldnt let myself let them think that no one saw them. i walked right up and gave them both hi fives. i think they knew i was trippin my nuts off too. we made our way back to the mcdonalds and onto the top floor where we sat and watched some people some more. i realzied i was starting to come down so i decided i would just go home. so we got on the packed bus again and headed home. it was one of the funnest nights i have ever had. and now every day in school i see my teachers i just smile and they smile back knowing each knowing the good night we all had

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