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trippin at school

well where to start.

well where to start... i had always wanted to try shrooms for the longest time... so some little dick that i used to buy weed off of had a cusin come down and he had half an 1/8... so around 7 o clock in the morning i took them in my bathroom... I was sitting in math class thinking that they would never work... finnly my teacher was writing on the board and she said now this is how you do the EQUATION!! The white board flew about 100 feet into the air and she was speaking in slow motion... i was fuckin amazed!! I look to my right and my backpack started to move and a little knome came out of my backpack and ran away! how i got away with this ill never know! the people next to me were cracking up (so they say). so on to secong hour... PE... this was an experiance i will never forget... i had a best friend in the class who looked out for me... i was watching people present projects on their favorite atlete...man that was fucked up... hearing people just talk so fast and holding up colorful posters were entertaining enough... ok now lunch comes... all my friends were moving there hands fast so i was freaking out!! I looked down and the tiles were turning pink and yellow... lets just say i didnt eat ... or stand... or even speak... so next i went to third hour... english... it was so intense at that time that i just put my head down and tryed so hard not to laugh cus my teacher just like warped in front of my face!! after thrid hour i went to fourth... i started to come down.. i felt like i was stoned off my ass... and nothing to crazy happened there but man what a day... i tripped great but i wouldent do it at school if you think your techers are dicks.. but god i have to say shrooms are the greatest!!

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