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Trippin At Party


Sup! So friday we decided we(steve and I)planned on doseing at a party we were going to. He had picked up about 7 grams of fresh p. cubes.

We get to the party and steve wanted to dose right then but i decided i would on later that night. Its around 6:00p.m. i went around and smoked on some blunts that were being passed around. Then i tryed to get some vit. c tabs(i was all fucked up) before i doesed. I finally got some and I went to find steve and give him some. Found him in about 10 minutes and headed back to the kitchen to dose. I blended up orange juice, ice cream, shrooms, c-tabs and drank it. That is a good and tasty way to get them down. i sat down drank a few beers and smoked about a dime. The host of the party offered me a hit of acid and wanted me to do it with him. i told him about my situation and he went to find somebody else to do it with him. about 45 minutes they kick in.

It kinda came on slow but then my peak hit me. I got a lot of visuals and hallucinantions. i kept on staring at stuff for a long time. i would look at the wall and see colorful patterns. I would see somebody start to morph into different things that crossed my mind. Then i started thinking about school and if i did shrooms at school i would get better grades. I felt real smart and i could answer anything in the universe. i went outside for a while and i would start to feel nature. i would feel like a tree and i would feel like the wind when it blown. i went inside and kinda enjoined my state of druged out. it lasted about 5 hours. It was and exellent trip. The next day i skipped and did acid with my friend.


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