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Christmas morning!!

It all started about 2am.

It all started about 2am. I had just acquired some shrooms the day b4 christmas eve. I got 1/4 2 days ahead b/c it is soooo hard to find shrooms where i live in the dead of winter. Aside that, me and 2 other kids on my street decided to trip christmas morning. I woke up at 1:50 and gave them a call. 4 both of them, it was their first time and i was hooking them up as a half assed christmas present. I live on the same street as a school so we met up there as to not wake our parents. Anyway, down to business. We started to eat them on milano cookies and quickly b/c we were paranoid about being on school property. Not that we were pussies, but my town is like the epitome of suburbia. Well anyway, i ate 1/8 and my friends split the other. The shrooms did not kick in yet and i didnt want them to yet. I had a cigarette and we walked to my house and went in the pool area to smoke a dutch. We had some nice headies and after the dutch i was feeling nice as $#!%. That is when i felt the shrooms start to take effect. My pool area is beautifully lit at christmas and the lights were on. I could not stop staring at the endless tapestry that lined the fence. It was like looking into a kaliedoscope pointed directly at the sun. Sweeeeet! I was thinking. But as mesmerized as i was it was still freezing out. So, i went inside. Then, my stomach felt like $#it, so i went to the bathroom and thought i was gonna puke. The nausea subsided after sitting in the tub for a few minutes. Then i went to the sink and threw some warm water on my face (didnt help). Then i looked into the mirror, for some reason it started to melt. I ran out and was like WTF is going on! Then I met up w my friends and took a walk. The trees seemed to wave side to side smiling at me, and the road signs were glowing as if energy radiated from them. Once again i was freezing my ass off so i went inside. I Just remembered to go to the den and check out what i got. The boxes were glowing a bright neon yellow. I wanted to open them so bad but for some reason i was thinking deeply about if my parents would bitch if i did. So i sat on the couch staring at the TV that wasnt even on. I have to admit I did enjoy it. Then the walls started to breathe slowly and i heard a voice from the basement. Whoever or whatever was talking they werent speaking english. It sounded more of a cross of french and tongues. I, as someone who speaks french, only understood: Aidez-y je suis un imprissonier (help, i am a prisoner). Besides that, all i heard was what sounded like tongues. That scared the shit out of me. So i went to my room and tried to calm down by watching strangers w candy on DVD. It helped, and i went on with a babbling commentary for an hour or 2. It was now 5 am and i realized that only 3 hours have passed. I was tired a s shit so i laid down and then came the closed eye hallucinations. I was walking down a long tunnel made entirely of rainbow. Then i was seeing a bunch of flaming skulls and dark blue stars. From that point on, I Blanked out AKA fell asleep. (w/ dreams of flaming skulls dancing in my head)

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