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TRIPPIN at crystal beach pier

Ok my tale of straight trippin starts this past summer in crystal beach florida.

Ok my tale of straight trippin starts this past summer in crystal beach florida. My night started at around 9 p.m. Me and my brother had both purchased a quarter pound of mostly wet mushrooms of the p. cubensis strain. each bag consisted of around 30 palm sized caps for 15$ each a really fat deal. well ok I weighing 115 lbs and my girlfriend of the time ate my whole bag of 30 caps between the two of us. to give you an idea I ate caps until I could start to feel a mild pain in my stomache a usual side effect for pre trippin experiences. at this point I could think of nothing bad and was having an extremely good time. by the time of 10 p.m. I was finally experiencing effects strong enough to be considered trippin but by 10:20 I was TRIPPIN. I first reallized this when my friend lindsay was leaving the pier and waved goodbye but what I saw was a huge blurred trail all along the broad path of her arm. I looked up at the night sky and saw lines in the sky it looked as if a t.v. does when you sit to close. I remember thinking man I must be trippin balls as this was only the third time I had ever tripped on mushrooms. At this point i had no controll over my muscels and had to sit down on a park bench my head slammed up against the back of the bench when i turned to look at the bench i saw the 2x4 at the top and looked at it until it started to warp and look curved. and now as my brothers girlfriend had pointed out i said the phrase im trippin BAWLS a number of times. And as opposed to my mindset earlier in the ight I was now very upbeat as earlier I was very confused as I said it was like the third time I had tripped. Now I found my self walking my girlfriend to her house (she lived in crystal beach) to her house and then back to the pier to meet back up with my brother and his girlfriend who were not trippin because they sold their bag to some other kids at the pier. but anyway the three of us walked back to her house also in crystal beach but we sat in her driveway for a wile when her cat who she said "talked to trippin people" but I was far enought gone not to hear it talk but gone enough no to realize that this could not be. but anyway it walked up to us all and when she picked it up it jumped right over me and I again saw a trail from where the cat had leaped it then walked down the street in the direction of the pier I then said that if i was a animal I would like to be let travel. at this point my skin in between my fingers felt like i put it in glass later identified as sand and could not get it off so I showed his girlfriend danielle and asked if my skin was rippped she just laghed and replied no. this happened near the end of the night so me and my rother were then driving home and when we got there at 2 a.m. I was still trippin hard as ever and I remember stating once in ky house that everything appeared clean and that I felt like I had space to move around. I then moved to my room where I stayed up in my room unable to sleep and talking to myself until 4 when i finaly slipped to sleep.

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