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Tripper Gone Mad

The last time I ate any fungus I had around four grams probably a little less then four grams.

The last time I ate any fungus I had around four grams probably a little less then four grams. These were absolutely fresh, picked em, dipped them in honey and munched away. Me and my best friend that happens to be a chick (and my ex) laid down in the living room and played some music.

The effects started kicking in ten minutes into the trip. We were looking at some pictures of headstones done in charcole and they were moving around a whole bunch. It was like the demons were coming out of the graves or something. We both sat there and really enjoyed our trip for about half and hour. I was trying to play Mr. Professor because this was her first time and my second. I tried to get her to succum to the deep pleasure of the shrooms but she just wouldn't let loose of her reality. I got bored with her and decided to go lay down on my friends bed. I looked up at the wall and The Doors were performing a show right there on the wall. All of this was great, no problems! just a good time. Then she came in and wanted to talk about our previous relationship and why it didn't work out.

I finally came out and told her that I was still deeply in love with her and really wanted to get back together. But she just wouldn't listen, she kept arguing with me and really pissing me off. I was tripping very intensly and was in no mood for a fight, but something in me just snapped. I started crying like I have never cried before, I was in a rage. I started throwing stuff around and dumping all my paraphenalia in the garbage.

The world became a blur and I lost all connection with my soul. I sat there, nose bleeding from a long week of doing the wrong drugs and crying a whole lot. I wanted to either kill myself of do a lot of drugs for a long time. The only thing I knew was that I was stuck. I sat there in fear that I would never leave that house again. There was something that was telling me my life was over. I was being sucked in by some all powerfull source. The walls were moving in, life was coming to an end. I sat there for a life time it seemed, trying to figure out what I was feeling. I finally came to the realization that my love for my friend was the thing that was fucking everything up right now. I just had to convince myself that I would never be with her and she would never be with me. When I got myself to believe that, my condition improved dramatically. I was finally able to stop crying and after another hour I actually left that house.

The trip was very horrible, yet it was the best trip I ever had. If she wouldn't have been there I really could have went deeper, she basically caused the whole thing. It really made me lookat life in a different manner. Although it tood me months to finally get everything straightend out the trip was well worth it. Life as a whole was simplified and living it was more pleasurable.

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