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Tripper Goes Paranoid

This trip was great except for the paranoia i experienced at the end.

This trip was great except for the paranoia i experienced at the end.

Ok, so it was The Rainfighter(RF), Stan and me.(All names have been changed)It was around three o'clock and Stan and me ate around 5 grams of mushies together so like 2.5 grams each, they were dried. Species is unknown. we walked down to the forest preserve down the street and RF and Stan toked a little pot. I didn't, due to the ill effects i receive after smoking. As i was watching the ground it disappeared and all the was left was floating leaves. amazed i was. i continued to look at the ground to noticed the a persian rug or buddhist mandala had been projected upon it. then as i looked up the trees expanded and blossomed into a vibrant and rapidly color changing sky. after much hallucinating in the forest and me we returned back to my house. This is when my most excellent trip went bad. as we sat there figurin' out what to do for the evening, my father called and i became paranoid over whether he would know something is up and i began to believe that there was people watching our event from the get-go. then after i told RF and Stan that i was, "Going upstairs to lose myself." i looked at myself in mirror to see my face bubbling like a swamp then melt and form into a wild tree. It was wild. Eventually i came down and my paranoia continued till my parents came home at midnight, then i realized there was no way that they could know and settled down to see what i could learn from the experience.

  • Shrooms are great when there is no chance of something turning it bad.
  • Always have someone that can assure you that it's ok.
  • Analyze what you've been through to be enhance yourself.
  • See the divine.

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