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trip with family

my parents knew i did drugs and i kmew that they used to(hippies).

my parents knew i did drugs and i kmew that they used to(hippies). anywaise it was summertime and my mom, dad and myself all went camping in jasper national park.
i had the shrooms and i was a little apprehensive about asking my folks. never the less they said sure why not.
so we drove to a different part of the park to go an a hike. we ate them as we started walking. i had 3 grams my dad 2 and my mom 1.we were walking through some beautiful woods and the sun was shinning. they hit us within 10 minuets. at first when walking they didnt hit very hard but once we stoped walking there they were. everything was shinning and spiralling especially the ground. my dad said he felt agrivated by other people walking by and that he was feeling a little paranoied . we smoked a joint and that calmed him down enough to enjoy his trip. we continued walking until we found this beautiful little pond/lake. we could see to the bottom and their were beautiful purples and blues radiating from the bottom of the lake.my dad and i sat on the bank sitting their frying and laughing at how egar my mom seamed to swim in the water. my dad and i were to stoned to want to go in the water. my mom came out of the water and we had a light snak. we were all in a really good mod and then all of a suddden we just started cracking up and could not stop laughing like hyenas over the next 2 hours.laughing felt great and was really like group therapy for us.in the pond i saw very neet little intricate patterns. when it came to trees i had this interesting visual like i could see the background of the tree in a sort of neon geometric breakup almost like the trees chemical make up, its hard to explain. when i close my eyes i would see different colored neon blobs morphing together and swallowing each other and then splitting to do it again. after staying at this spot for 2 1/2 hors we continued on our walk marveling at the beauty of nature . i put music on my headphones(traffic) as usual it sounded amazing. i like this feeling i usually get half way through my trip .the feeling is that i am a cool person that i like being who i am. we found a feild and hung out there for awile then continued walking along we all felt very happy and we really enjoyed being in the mountains. eventually after 5 hours we started coming down and decided to leave.we all still felt like we were tripping out the rest of the day. the next day i still had a very plesant leftover buzz. i will never forget this trip and i think it made me and my parents closer. definatly a positive trip i would like to do again next summer with my parents and maybe my sister to.

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