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Trip to anywhere

11:20 pm: first hit of e 02:30 am: second hit of e 04:00 am: 1.

11:20 pm: first hit of e
02:30 am: second hit of e
04:00 am: 1.5 grams of mushrooms

Well, for new years, i was able to get a group of my very
closest friends in the world to come with me to a
wonderful new years eve party. We had decided to do
ecstacy that night. I had brought with me about 1/16 of
dried mushrooms and a couple bowls worth of pot.

A little history on me. Up until this summer, my entire
use of drugs consisted of drinking every once in a
while, and smoking marijuana frequently/daily. 9 days
ago, i was finally able to obtain 3/8ths of a mushrooms,
and this same group of friends and i tried 1.75 grams
each. That left us with 1/8th left over. About 3 days ago,
i dosed again with mushrooms, same dose as before,
but this time by myself as therapy for a bit of
depression. I wanted to see if i could overwhelm my
mind, and learn something about why i felt that way. It
ended up being extremely positive toward the end and
im glad i did them that way.

So, we arrive at the party at approximately 11:15 or so,
and it took a bit to find the e for us. We all purchased 2
hits, and took 1 of them right there. My friends seemed
very restless and not into the party at all, so they kept
wandering from room to room, never settling anywhere.
After about an hour or so, the e finally started to hit, very
slowly as well. This first peak was nothing special...it
must have been a relatively low dose in the capsule. I
had the standard good feelings etc normally
associated with e, but no emotional breakthroughs.

At about 2:30, we decided to take our second hit of e. It
started to hit faster, and by 3:30, i was starting to hit my
second peak. This was much more what i wanted to
experience that night, and was much more intense. It
is difficult to put into words what it was like.

My personality is such that i get alot of pleasure by
making other people happy, so when i see someone
who is not completely happy, i do everything i can think
of to try to help. Unfortunately, my friend R. was having
some stomach problems, and wasnt really able to
dance or get much into the party. But the others, A and
L were fine, and we spent alot of time together. I had a
wonderful conversation with both of them, and really
was able to feel like i got a bit closer to them.

The real experience started around 4:45 or so when the
mushrooms hit. I decided at 4 that i wanted to do them,
and at first, i was just going to take half of my normal
dose, but after giving a little bit to A, i decided to just eat
the rest, so that left me with about 1.5 grams. I didnt
really know what to expect, i just hoped that it would be
intense. I was not dissapointed.

After they came on, EVERYTHING changed. I was
standing outside, just kind of moving to the music when
suddenly, everything went to slow motion, and i said
immediately, ok NOW im tripping.

I walked inside to the hardcore techno room, where
they were playing some VERY intense, HEAVY bass
pounding music. I think that they were playing stuff
specifically for those people who were on
psychedellics, because my other friends being there,
and not tripping like i was just couldnt appreciate the
experience. Everything was leaving trails, and with the
strobe light, everyone got this weird aura around them,
its very difficult to describe, but it looked like one of
those "blur" t-shirts where the printing is out of focus.

At one point, when the music was climaxing and it was
just this one pounding note, probably at 180 bpm or
more, i was facing some colored flashing lights and
closed my eyes. I was immediately in a different world.
I was having real closed eye visuals for the first time in
my life. Any image i wanted, i made appear. It was
usually in black and white, sort of like that generic
greyish-whitish plastic color that computer graphics
have before you put a texture on them. At one point i
thought, can i have some color? And immediately,
these beautiful colors started raining over the shapes i
was creating in my mind. I was manipulating them in
3d, rotating them around, just to show myself that i

After finally starting to take everything in, i put in my
earplugs and stood in front of one of the big speakers,
leaning my whole body against it. When i closed my
eyes, i suddenly was travelling down this psychedellic
type vortex at a thousand miles per hour. Then i
decided i wanted to be on water, and this most
amazing scene appeared. Suddenly, i felt like i was
skimming right above the surface of this long straight
aqueduct lined on either side by HUGE marble
columns, very greek in nature. After what seemed like a
very long time, i opened my eyes and walked out of the
room. I found that i was completely out of breath and
very taken aback.

Listening to the music at this point during the night was
a very emotional experience. I closed my eyes and
listened and found that i could see the music in VERY
beautiful colors. It was one of the most amazing things
ive ever seen.

Through the rest of the night, my mushroom/e trip
turned much more intellectual and i became
EXTREMELY introspective and analytical. My mind is
like this when im sober, so when i was tripping, it took it
to the nth degree. I noticed the huge difference in
people that i saw. Those who took the e to be the end
all be all of drugs, who were so caught up in it that they
looked like lip smaking idiots. The grimacing and other
facial expressions some people were making just
appalled me.

At this point, it was 7 in the morning, and the party was
starting to wind down. I had closed eye visuals for the
rest of the morning, and finally fell asleep around 12.

I guess in conclusion, i was very impressed by this, but
not at all challenged intellectually. Even at the most
intense moments, i knew that i could handle much
more. I am looking forward to my explorations with
these very amazing substances.

thanks. :o)

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