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Trip Report


Hi. Im from Vancouver, BC and for the first time i had affects from shroomz after doing them 3 times. this is what happened. I was with 2 other guys and one we were at adams house. i popped some shroomz and so did martin. then we left right away and went into adams car and had to drive to his moms house for some strange reason and there i was just feelin a bit stoned and laughed a lot as we pulled up to his moms house. Adam went in and me and martin stayed in the car and popped some more shroomz. Then this massive black dog that looked like a bear came out of no where and martin kept callin it to the car and it started getting closer and ya.. it was a bear.;) ne ways adam gets back in and we decide to go to frescos. this restaraunt thing. we all ordered a meal and sat down at a table and then i started havin a bad trip but i tried to remain calm. it was not a bad trip to do with hulluscinations just with how my body and mind felt. and i had this loop that kept goin around in my mind of emotions.it was like.. oh god im having a bad trip. ok just stay calm. no im not supposed to try to be in control with shroomz. oh god im having a bad trip. ok just stay calm. and so on. So finally we got out of there and went back to adams house and started playin Halo for xbox. the game didnt trip me out that much but when it was someone elses turn to play i leaned back on the couch and looked up at the cieling and you know those paint blotchy things on the cieling. well they formed into these 4 or 5 skeletons crawling out of the cieling reaching for me but i wasnt the least bit scared i was just like woah... and then i looked over at martin who was sitting next to me to tell him about what i saw for it was my first hulluscination and i looked at his face and it was stretched out. it kinda looked like that cartoon.(Hey Arnold) but it was stretching like there was a boomerang in there and the points were facing the cieling and ne ways i was like fuckit im not talking to him. lol. so i looked over at adam to tell him and i just started to and then his eyes got all beedy and started to turn jet black and he started to get slim right before my eyes and it looked as if he were a snake. like half man half snake thing goin on. so after that i just shut up and dint talk about the skeletons. haha. i heard this thing where time gets really slow during shroomz so i looked at my watch and it was 8:33 pm and so i thought ill wait 5 minutes and then look at it again. so five minutes later i look at the watch... 8:33pm! im like holy shit. cause of all these thoughts goin through my mind that are on none of the same topic just annonamis things goin through my mind i suppose. so after a while of playing Halo and not tripping out on the game i went to go look at myself in the mirror. and my eyes started bulging out of my face and twinkled at me. and it was a nice sight. it shouldve been a painting... or not. haha. so me and martin have to leave now to go back to my house and had to take the bus then the sky train then another bus. but on the way i dont know how 2 describe it but i felt like a sperm cel.. and my vision was shifting side to side as if i were swimming like one to but i couldve been just moving my head side to side looking like an idiot.. that ill never know. sigh... haha. then martin said some really genious type shit. he was like. "ok you know what? what ive learned from this trip is that blah blah blah blah" and it was the smartest thing i ever heard in my life and i forgot what he said. but i remember standing there in amazement looking at him as if he were E.T. or some shit like that. it was something to do with life. and that guy forgot what he said to. shit i cant wait to get a video camera and capture all this shit next time. then i dont remember the bus ride but i remember the sky train and i was coming down and wasnt hulluscinating ne more but i was still thinking heavily. and martin was still harsh trippin out because hes very untolerent to drugs. when hes on weed he can be like in a war fighting all these army people and crawling through the forest like he was really in the army. its weird. i cant remember when though but during when i was tripping on shroomz i also had some weed in there but i dont remember what part. thanks for reading this bullshit. peace

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