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chipmonks in antartica

I have been a fan of this site for quite awhile and decided to share one of my experiences in hopes to educate others.

I have been a fan of this site for quite awhile and decided to share one of my experiences in hopes to educate others. And so...
I am around 20 yrs old, male, i weigh 240 lbs, keep this in mind. This is the tale of my very first trip its great here goes...One summer day in mid july around 8:15 pm me and two of very good buddies decided to pop some caps we had obtained from a freind of mine, therefor i trusted the source and the quality, which is vital for a successful "mission" as i like to call it. We went to a supermarket and bought a large bottle of cola to wash those little suckers down and proceeded to just start chomping on them right there on broad daylight in the middle of a crowded parking lot, of course not many people would see us eating anf think, " hey, they must be eating boomers!"
One must take into consideration the ignorance of the general public and moreso the fact that most people are so self absorbed they really arent paying attention to whats going on around them.
Mind you this was my first time tripping so i was nervous. But both of my freinds had done it many times before and answered all my questions, assuring my that if it sucked, they just wouldnt do it.
So i gobbled down and nice fat eighter, 2.8-3 grams dry approx. and got myself into a positive mindset. The most important thing to remember is that its a drug, drugs dont change who you are at the core, they merely faciliate and certain experience, stimulating the senses in a desirable way, in other words, realize its temporary and its all an illusion, ment to entertain you like a good movie should.
Except shrooms are like virtual reality, far more interactive and way better than any video game.
We moved out operation over to a gazebo in the center of the shopping mall and sat down on the benches. Now typically booms kick in in about and hour to and hour and a half, these however started taking effect after only 30 minutes! Outstanding, my boys were starting to feel it only 15 minutes after consumoption presumably because they had done it before and were more aware of the trip, as i a beginner was just feeling a little gitty with anticipation.
We voted that it would be best if i drove us somewhere a little more secluded.
We made our way to my place of business, a corporate center with tall glass buildings, a good amount of lighting and a round stone table to sit at and chill. As i was driving i began to notice the effects, the car FELT different, didnt look diffrent, yet just felt new in some way. I pulled into the parking lot and spotted up behind a dumpster in the back of the lot. Far enough in a hiddne from view so that the passing motorist couldnt see what was happening in our private little world. It was voted that i role the blunt(anyone who knows anything about narcotcis knows that trees enhance the effect of almost everything) As a was rolling the L, i found myself staring at the hazard light button on the dashboard, i was just stuck on it like, wow this button looks cool as hell, the texture of the dash also looked different it looked like velvet, nice hahha. I looked at the blunt and though wow i better finish rolling this.
And so i did, quite successfullly i might add. We all exited the vehicle and just started walking around, now i was starting to full on trip, everything looked crazy, ultimate colors, deeep hues and vivid textures, there were pine treees along side of the building that felt like they were right there with me, a part of this alien landscape that was the parking lot. We found our way to the afformentioned table and planted ourselves, the table was moving the patterns shifting, pulsing, it was great to see happneing right in front of my own eyes. We had smoked the blunt on our way over to the table it seemed like a long walk as we were all ripped at this point about 40 minutes after ingestion. There was a lamp over the table, like a street lamp. the yellow light looked neon in contrast with the surrounding purplish night air and the blades of grass were wandering from side to side, glowing under that light.

The table was close to a wooded area and the plantlife took on an attitude all its own, the leaves were waving, the woods behing the treeline were deep, very deep and calming. I tunred around facing the woods and a branch was hangin down it appeared as if it was reaching out to me, i was loving that branch i just kept looking at it, it was only a treebranch but at that moment it was something more.
One of my freinds had wandered into the complex and was batting at the trees planted around the building, the lighting was wild to say the least.
Even though i had eaten lunch at this table many times before and parked in this lot many times a week everything was totally alien and totally familiar at the same time, it felt as i knew something something no one else knew, it felt like i was part of existance, very relaxed free and curious about everything.
I had a water bottle that i kept spinning around and wathcing the light get project a prism through the water onto the table top, i was astounded by this water bottle.
It was eight thirty when we ate them, and we had no idea how much time had passes since then, we were just along for the ride. We made our way back to the car, it felt like a journey through some wildness unseen my man thusfar, the empty parking lot and street lights combined with the sharply slanted rooftops made me feel as if i was in the arctic overseeing a vast landscape, i just remember feeling awesome like i was back were i started back werei belonged back in a place were i had always wanted to be.
The car looked like some old hotrod even though it was a 2002 chevy. The blue paint was irridescent and purple.
We got back into the car and decided to listen to some music, the radio controls were out of this world. ON the way bakc to the car me and my friend say a clearing in the woods were light had lit up a tree trunk, that was something else, in total darkness that one spot lit up like it was calling me, i had a hard time pulling myself away getting in to the car.
We turned the radio on a we were all just loving life when a car came cruising thru the lot. o shit .
my one boy who was still oustide the car says " That was a cop." WOW. we yanked the key out of the ignition so we couldnt get pinched for DUI and waited to see if he was going to turn around and come back to investigate, and he did.
He pulled and said "what are you guys doing back here?"

I said
" We're just making a phone call. wanted to get off the raod for a minute."
my one frend said who was in the drivers seat said : "yeah i;m just calling my girl." his phone was off by the way.
my other friend says " yea we're just takin a walk."

that did it. the cops gets out, pulls us out of the car and starts grillin us, he looked like a freakin huge ass chipmonk, with his fat cheeks and buck teeth, hahaha hilarious.
Now the dutch guts are still on the ground right by the car from the l we smoked, the empy baggy in on the ground on the opposite side of the car. He's still askin the usual questions, trying to get us to fuck up our story, amazingly we all keep it straight. makin a phone, until he found the dutch gets and bag, then he says, listen jsut tell me what the hell is goin on here,
i say "Alright, you want the truth, we're smoking a joint back here, we werent going to drive while smoking."

he says " a joint?" me forgetting about the dutch guts

yea a fuckin blunt! i say like i was repeating myself.

by this time back up has arrives and they're searhcing the car, the find nothing becasue theire was nothing to find , we had consumed all the evidnece hahahhaha.

now mind you this whole time all of us are still trippin balls, these cops look cooooky as anything.

since they didnt find anything other than tobacco and and plastic bag and were too dumb to realize what was actually going to even though ourt pupils were the size of manhole covers they cut us loose.

We drove back to the supermarekt and went out seperate ways, still trippin, but figured now was a good time to get home and relax after a big dose of adrenaline from the cops messing with us.
I go home and after watching the lines in my hand move for about an hour i went to sleep. I felt great though as soon as those cops left i went back to feeling like everything was going to be just fine, like i still knew a secret and at that the same time i didnt.

SO there you have it, my first trip and brush with the law and a very positve, visual and mental exprience. Use caution, dont over do it and get yourself to a good place within your mind before you leave it for a while, peace

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