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Trip Party with Nugs

The first time that I ever did magic mushroom was one of the most profound experences I've had.

The first time that I ever did magic mushroom was one of the most profound experences I've had. We had just graduated from high school and we were looking for a good time. Our dealer just got a mad shipment of shrooms and was selling them dirt cheap. We just couldn't refuse, plus my buddy Ben's parents had gone up to the cabin for the weekend and we had a house all to ourselves. So we bought a quarter from him, and headed to Ben's house. Also with us was Dan who was the only one had tripped before and he was a good friend of mine and Ben's. Now the day before I had just bought a really sweet Cadillac '93 Seville and we rolled over to Ben's place in it. When we got to his house we all went directally to the kitchen and started examing our mushrooms. We didn't know what kind they were and how much we should take. Our dealer had said that they we're really good shit and that he tripped for over nine hours on them. Dan hadn't thrown in any money on the quarter and we still wanted him to be around due to his experinece so we both gave him about a third of our individual 1/8's. Now aside from what our dealer said about these shrooms, we knew nothing about them. They we're only about an inch in diameter but the amazing thing about them was that the tops of the caps were this very pretty gold iridesent color that seemed to change color everytime you looked at it from a different angle. I never have taken shrooms before and ate my 2/3 of an 1/8 straight out of the bag, didn't even flinch at the taste. Dan was next to eat his 2/3 of and 1/8th and did so raw but he said the taste was horrible and his body knew what was happening and trying to reject them. But with perseverance and a glass of water he got them down without chucking. Ben was next and he had decided to do something different, he took his portion and put it on a PB&J. After the formals had been done we went out on the deck to have a smoke. I suppose that I should give time frame for this event, it was about around 7ish when we ate. After coming back in from our smoke we all commented on how we weren't feeling anything yet, but it had only been about 20 minutes so we gave it time. We went down into his basement and played GTA3 for a half hour or so. It was at this time that we realized that we didn't have any pot left, we were by nature just pot smokers and so we called our dealer who also sold the bombest ass nug in the area for $60 and 1/8th, he said that he stop by in an hour when he got off of work. Soon after my best friend and also Ben and Dan's friend Jeremy called and wanted to know what everybody was up to tonight. He agreed to stop by for a couple of hours. By the time that he got there we were tripping pretty hard. For the mood we had lit three candles that Ben's mom had laying on a coffee table. Now I had never done any hallengenic drug before and I was amazed by what I saw. The candles we're in these colored glasses and when ever I looked at the flame a beam of light colored the same as it's respective holder extended from the flame to ceiling and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't escape the three light beams. I asked Dan if he could see them too, but as I looked at him I already knew the answer. Dan's pupils were huge and we spent the next five minutes circling the candles amazed at what we saw. Ben on the other hand still said he just felt weird and didn't see anything. Jeremy since he was wasn't on shrooms kept on asking if anyone had ordered a pizza, I responed that the pizza was on the way and that we had ordered it over a half hour ago and it should be here soon. Little did I realize that he was talking about pizza, I was confused and thought that he was concerned about the pot. So a pizza was never order and never did come. After that we decide to go back down to the basement and play GTA3 for awhile until the pizza came (once again very confused, all that I cared was that our dealer would show up shortly). I then spent the next half hour watching my friends play while I muttered "Kill'em, kill'em all, it doesn't matter". Finally our dealer showed up and we bought a quarter of nug and went up to the living room to shoot the shit with him for awhile. Me and Dan were on a great adventure together and exploring the world like babies. Now during the past hour I had failed to notice where or what Ben was up to, but we'll get to that later. While we we're up in the living room I spent a good twenty minutes staring at the carpet and seeing evil face in the patterns in it. I wasn't scared by them just humored. Then we decided that the time to smoke some pot was now and me, our dealer, Jeremy and Dan went out to the garage to smoke a couple bowls. The pot didn't really have any effect on me except make me feel really relaxed. About halfway through the thrid bowl Ben finally appeared. And I must say that he looked like shit, his eyes were watering, his face was red, and he was extermly paranoid. He said that he was dying and going insane and living at the same time. We tried to persuade him to smoke some pot to calm him down, but he just dissapered back into the house. We stayed out in the garage for a couple of more hours talking about crazy shit, smoking bowl after bowl of nug, and smoking cigarettes. After that I decided that it was time for me to head home and after getting some gas money from Dan I left. I packed a bowl and smoked on the way to the gas station. By the time that I reached the gas station I was convinced that my Cadillac had dropped its suspension and was riding on wheel wells. I pulled up to a pump, threw open my door and ran like a madman around my car checking all the tires to find that they were all just fine. I then looked up and realized that everybody at the gas station was staring at me, and rightly so, I looked like a crackhead. I put $8 worth of gas in car and headed home on the freeway. Now despite the fact that I had seen my car was perfectallly fine I still convinced that my car was all fucked up and that I was going to be pulled over with four smoking tires and wheelwells and arrested. Now the speed limit is 70 mph on freeways in MN and most people do 80 mph, I was doing 80 mph and looked like the most cracked out person on the planet, good thing the Caddy has limo tint. Now there are few things that I would recommend not doing on shrooms, and number one would be driving. I did make it home just fine and so did my car, I was just increably paranoid. I went up to my room and I couldn't sleep until about 4 am because of all the amazing things that we're running through my head. I woke up the next morning and called in sick just because I didn't feel like going into work at 8 am. Instead I went over to Dan's and we smoked pot all day, talking about what a great time we had and also about what a bad trip Ben had. Dan appearentally spent the rest of the night trying to convince Ben not to call the hospital because he was having such a bad trip. All in all it was a wounderful experinece, but as in Ben's case I wouldn't recommend doing them (the mentally unsound really shouldn't do drugs). Also there are two things you don't do when on shrooms, driving, and of course alcohol. I bring up not doing alcohol on shrooms because I have seen many different people go to the ER becase of mixing shrooms an alcohol. If you're going to mix, try pot. Peace love and happiness, you're truly Citron.

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