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Trip In the WooD

This was the third time that i was doing mush.

This was the third time that i was doing mush.I bought 2gram of of mush with a lot of blu on it and i grab the ¾of the bag. Afther eat it the guy who sale me it said me thaht he do a mistake because he send me 3.5g so i realized i will go on a fuking buzz this night! i start to buzz after an hour and half. So i start to talk to a fried and some stange spirals were apering in his face with green and black losange were apperaing over
after it my friends that i was always going outside of the camp and that i was running in the wood. I was saying that i was going to a bar but i was going in the woods
i remember talk to trees and i lose my glass this night.

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