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Trip in the Applalachians

So i have to tell you, there is nothing, _nothing_ more enlightening, more peaceful, or more trippy then tripping your balls off in the wilderness.

So i have to tell you, there is nothing, _nothing_ more enlightening, more peaceful, or more trippy then tripping your balls off in the wilderness.

So me and my best friend, we've been blazing everyday of our lives, we've been neighboors since we were kids, and we had never done shrooms before but are both really into getting blazed and going climbing, or going on camping trips and shit like that. So we decided to get some shrooms one time this summer, we both had a generous 1/8th, and at least a quarter of some dank ganj. We went up to the Appalachian mountains, couple hour drive, blazed the whole way. And when we got there, we parked, and hiked on the AT for a day untill we were in the middle of _nowhere_, not a person in site, we had gone completely off the trail into our own wilderness.

Well we ate the shrooms with some bread and water, and while we were waiting for them to kick in, we chilled in a mountain stream, blazed maybe 3 bowls. Then it hit me first I think. But honestly, i have never felt so good. Sitting in this cool appalachian river, it was about 95 degrees, no humidity, beautiful day, i couldnt have felt better. We explored for hours, staring at spider weds, staring at rapids and seeing unworldly things, seeing trees, looking at deer, we actually saw a young moose, no rack yet but he was gorgeous. We blazed the whole time, and this could have not been a better day. I felt like I was Huck Fin, tripping balls and hiking around barefoot and shirtless having no sense of time, location, or responsibility. I'd lie down in a moss patch and let my mind realize things i never knew, like realigion and culture, crazy stuff. I'd sit in the river and let the white water cool me down and i cannot describe how that threw my senses into a spiral, shit was crazy and awsome.

All in all, i do not think there could possibly have been a better trip. Nothing was scary, we actually ended up hiking way way way up this river to where we discovered a lake up on a mountain, this was where we saw a moose. The moose was insane, seeing animals while tripping is crazy, its like seeing a different species of humans, i thought about how they comunicate, how they eat and sleep, it was insane. We then swam in the lake, again, it was so peaceful. No sounds but wind and water, i swam up to this cliff that protruded from the water and we could boulder up this cliff, and then fall backwards into the water which was mad deep, we did this all afternoon. The craziest thing was looking at pine trees, whole groves of them. You'd see the moss on the ground, the shady trunks of the trees would start to make patterns and designs, and then the pine needles, millions of them, would look so insane.
Right at my peak, I was laying down in a feild among wildflowers and real tall grass blazing a facial bowl, bugs didnt bother me. The sun was cooking me, but it felt real real good. I could litteraly feel the sun penetrating into my body and warming my limbs. I was wet, but the sun was drying me. Looking at the clouds, hearing birds, and then the peak came. The clouds were dancing and the birds were singing and it could'nt have been any better.

Best trip i've ever had, and I've been doing it ever since.

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