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trip at work

this was my first time doing shrooms.

this was my first time doing shrooms. so me and a few guys i work with at a printing shop decided to do them at work. at lunch we got a pizza and ate up I did one it was gold and round and the steam was tan and blueish and i ate most of the powder at the bottom of a oz. bag. I felt a lil sick at first and a little light headed. I walked to the front of my machine and a fan was on i stepped in front of it and i bowed from the blowing wind. the shop i was in became very big and perfectly straight. i keeped doing my job getting stuff ready trying to concentrate my other operator left to the bathroom to relax, and the other guy was just laughing at everything. All the papers started to be very colorful and and as i cleaned the black ink off of a sheet it turned so many color's and I looked into it and my eyes were huge! it kinda freaked me out and i didn't want to see myself any more. i was walking to the back of the press then i hurd a giant rush of air and turned around and it looked like a tornado blew through my area the ceiling was gone and every one was trying to keep things together. i was picking up paper everywhere there was so many sirens and loud people every where. time stood still when the owner of the shop came in i couldn't find enof things to make it look like i was doing something everything was in glimpse's and i couldn't keep the press running during the events of the tornado. during all this i was freezing and i had to keep on one side of the press to keep of out the path the tornado went through, because i couldn't handel it. one guy came and helped me run the press he was normal then he would smile at me and turn into to bozo the clown with the red hair, and i couldn't help but laugh at him. i would always see something zooming past me pretty much the whole time. i started to come down and i was sweating and i realized the press operator that did'em with me went home and it was the end of my shift, but it felt like i was there forever i left and it felt like i walked back into normal life. driving my car home was pretty intense also my truck keep changing sizes. that was def an experience at work, i think next time i'll try them at home.

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