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trip at the tower

on saturday moring i was hanging out downtown with some friends when a dude came up and asked if we was looking for mushrooms.

on saturday moring i was hanging out downtown with some friends when a dude came up and asked if we was looking for mushrooms. i wanted to get some but i didnt have any money so i told him later i would. so all day i bummed money off kids downtown till i got enough then i bought an eigth of an ounce. these mushrooms did not look like any other shrooms i have seen before. they were dark black and rock hard. i went and found my friend, tibo and we decided to camp out that night at the tower in the local park. so we split the eigth shrooms at about 7:00, and start walking to the tower at about 7:20.the tower is about a 10 minute walk. we get there roll out our sleeping bags on top of the tower, then BANG! i was tripping so hard i could hardly stand up so i laid down on my sleeping bag. i laid there sweating, one second hot as hell then the next second freezing. this went on for about 25 minutes. all of a sudden we heard footsteps walking up the tower stairs(there is about 5 flights of stairs to the top of the tower, and the towers stairs is a metal staircase for future ref.) it scared the shit out of me because for some weird reason i thoght it was the cops coming to arrest me for tripping on mushrooms.so i pulled out my pocket knife with the stupid idea to stab the cop and throw him off the tower if it really was a cop coming to arrest me.while we heard the footsteps coming upward i could see hologram ghost people coming up the stairs, and each hologram ghost type person had like 4 tracers running of of it. it turned out it wasnt the cops it was a whole bunch of kids we knew from town and they were all tripping on liquid lsd. they were like, whoa! what the hell do you have that knife in your hand for? and i said something like im gonna get the damn cops once and for all (thinking the cops were hiding trying to trick me) and they all started laughing real loud. it was getting fucking crazy at the tower and i couldnt deal with having a bad trip on top of a tower in the pitch black so i told tibo that i needed to leave so me n tibo were going to his brothers house wich was nearby. on the walk down the stairs i fell down a few times and could not walk. this was like the 4th time i tripped and i had never had a bad trip before so i was all scared and shit. finally after about 15 minutes of walking and falling down on the path we got to his bro's house. as soon as i stepped inside my whole trip was turned around like instantly. well the rest of the night was great didnt do much but watch tv and smoke weed. i cant remember alot of my trip, small parts come back to me every once in a while but it was a very strange and interesting trip. CHRIS abraham,WA

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