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Trip a la Canar

How my friend and I got the mushrooms is unimportant.

How my friend and I got the mushrooms is unimportant. We had planned for a couple weeks to get together, head up to his loft, and munch us some fungi of the psylocibe genus. After waiting a while for his parents to leave, I retrieved the shrooms from the tower of my computer which I had brought to his place (for visuals: AVS, Geiss, Albedo, and some other WinAMP plugins. Check 'em out, they're cool!) and we ate them. We chatted for a while, and played chess, as we had on our last trip, a tiny one-grammer that gave me very minor color distortion, nice closed eye visuals, and a beautiful warm glow. I love that about mushrooms. That warm glow feels so damn good. But anyways. He whupped my ass, which I found kinda odd. I usually beat him, and he beat me in a sweeping victory. This being several weeks after the event, I don't remember clearly what happened after, and this is odd. This must be the time-dilation effects I've heard about. Whatever. I had 'em.

It was quite familiar, the feeling. A clear stoned feeling, he and I emphasized. We lit a few candles, dimmed the lights, got WinAMP up and running, put some music on. Then we sat back, and enjoyed the trip for a while, chatting, etc. At one point, I had to go pee. I noticed that my balance was a bit off, and things just all looked really cool, but I wasn't anywheres near peak yet. I guess I was an hour in. I walked down and outside. This was the week of christmas vacation, and I live in canada, so I had some fun writing things in the snow. I found that I tried to pee a bit too soon, and got a trickle in my underwear. This didn't strike me as odd at all until I got back up to his room, and sat down.

The candles were dimming by now, and he and I went to the sliding glass doors on the upper floor to dump some wax out. I had no aim at all, and nearly dumped a fair bit onto his carpet. I was beginning to notice some open eye visuals at this point, but they were in no way what I had expected. It didn't effect your vision directly, I noticed, but they showed up in the vision cache, I guess, where what you've just seen is stored for further processing. Another thing was that I noticed no distortions of any kind.

People claim to see 'breathing', and the like, but nothing showed itself. I did have a few neat color patterns happening. On dark objects, they kinda decomposed into red, green, and blue. I liked this, 'cause I really like those colors, as my AVS presets show. But on lighter objects, like when I tried doing a write-up while under the influence, they changed to cyan, magenta, and yellow. I knew about them because I had done a fair amount of printing and working with photoshop and the like, but it wasn't until later that I learned a more technical reason. Suffice to say, they kinda gave me an insight there. I also noticed that as my trip went on they gained patterns, subtle ones, but aztecish. These were nifty.

Another interesting point was when he turned the lights out, and flicked the lighter. The sparks at first seemed jagged, and random, then, magically, my cache was altered, and they became fractalline, and even. I noticed very minor tracers, which gave a nice motion blur effect that really took the edge off reality.

At one point, he and I went outside. It was pretty mild out, maybe -5 (celsius, damn imperial swine! Not fahrenheit! You figure it out! =), and we walked around. Me, being the paranoid one, (weed can up that to the point of mania), wanted him to shut up and stop so openly talking about the trip. He must have been having a really good trip, or just really euphoric, so I felt kinda mean, but the beauty of things really kept me from cycling those dark thoughts. We wandered up and down the streets, sliding around on the ice, and I was getting some really crazy ideas, like how it'd be cool to make a snowboard with an altered gravity field so that gravity was heavier on the front than the back and would propel itself forward.

Snow on trees looks so eerily beautiful, let me tell ya. And christmas lights? Drool. I saw a nice looking house with christmas lights on it down the road, and looked at it for a while. He noticed me staring, and he looked at it too. The next day, I found that it wasn't a house, it was two, one farther in the distance. We got kinda cold; all that warmth abandoning us, and headed back up to his room.

I fiddled around with his weights, and found 'em nice and light and the exertion fun. By now I was nearly at the peak. I gnawed on my index finger for a while, and we discussed how pain was interpreted as cold by psylocin. I think I'm a bit masochistic by nature, and even normally, the pain can be an interesting experience, but I felt NO pain, just a coldness that increased as I bit harder.

AVS, Geiss, and Albedo looked boring on shrooms, I found. This was rather depressing, as I can stare at 'em for hours straight. Candles were far more fun on mushrooms than these programs. I completely lost interest in my computer on mushrooms. Completely. This was odd because I normally really enjoy it. Ah well.

We chatted for hours, talking about what acid would be like, about acid at low doses, about doing more mushrooms, higher doses, girls, constructive uses for the euphoria, constructive uses for the euphoria involving girls, etcetera. He decided to set me up with a chick who just happened to snag another guy that weekend. That sucked. ;) Then, about four and a half hours later, I was down. This was confusing, because everyone tells me the experience lasts six hours, if not longer. I must metabolize that stuff faster. Good. Something my body's actually good at. Oh, that and wisdom teeth.

Well, okay, I felt a bit stoned, and got some faint closed eye visuals, but that was it. It was a nice backdrop for sleep, and while my friend tapped away at his laptop, I curled up and fell asleep. The next morning, I had a nice euphoria hang over, although I was a bit tired, and I felt earthy, I guess. Pot makes me feel dirty after I come down. And a bit depressed. And that's about it.

Hmm. Two notepad pages. Longer than some assignments I've written. I didn't mean for it to be this long. If you've actually read this all, and have any interests about my experience, drop me a line at Canar @ hehe.com. (Spaces inserted to foil spammers! ;) I recommend a mushroom experience very much, and would recommend someone to try mushrooms BEFORE MJ, 'cause it'll give you a better reference point.

Anyhoo, See ya

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