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Myself and two friends had gone on a trip down the Jersey shore to a party.

Myself and two friends had gone on a trip down the Jersey shore to a party. We arrived knowing that there was going to be shrooms present. There were about 13 people or so that I never met before. We drank a good amount of black and tan through the night and smoked some weed. More people came and at about shortly after midnight or so someone broke out the dried shrooms. We divide it up as evenly as we could, about 7 to 10 shrooms each (mixed caps and stems) This was my first time tripping on anything and I was actually very nervous. We all sat around on the floor of the loft and began to digest. I ate them with peanut butter and chewed them. Considering what I had heard about the bad taste, it wasn't that bad. My friend kept assuring me that I should just relax and let it just take over me. Well, after eating them a person took out this long cardboard cylinder about 8 feet long which had made a ritual of drawing on as the trip began, I watched. After about an hour or so I started to wonder when it was going to kick in. I was getting very frustrated and my friend kept reassuring me, although at the same time kind of dismissing what I had said as if to try to ignore me. At this point I realized I was tripping. It seeed as thoughthere was a huge gap that had passed since everyone was inside. Now everbody was outside on the porch all sitting on the wooden floor in ways you wouldn't normally sit. People were crawling over people to get somewhwere aan such. I realized that everybody was enjoying themselves doing really nothing at all. I went back in and then started to see tracers and such. If I closed my eyes I saw colored patterns and what looked like a dragon. Hmmm... cool. Then me and my best friend went on a trip... literally! We walked down the sidewalk and then the fun really began. My friend decided to sit on the sidewalk and stay there. I was flipping out thinking that this was extemely absurd and kept telling him to get up. I said I was leaving and he didn't believe m

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